£119,000 holiday food poisoning compensation

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£119,000 holiday food poisoning compensation


16 members of the Beever family from Rotheram have been awarded £119,000 in holiday food poisoning compensation after a doomed holiday to the Royal Park Hotel in the Bulgarian Black Sea resort of Elenite in 2010.

The compensation will be paid by the Insurers of Balkan Holidays Limited who were the Tour Operator after they accepted liability for the holiday food poisoning compensation claims.   Even though the holiday was in Bulgaria, this type of claim is very straightforward to make against the Tour Operator in the UK.

So what went wrong?

The Beevers were on a family holiday when they were struck down by holiday food poisoning, experiencing symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain and high fever.  Steven Beever said that the Hotel was ‘appalling’ and ‘unhygienic.’  The family said there were a catalogue of problems at the Hotel including:

  • Food left uncovered for hours
  • Flies seen on food
  • Cockroaches in the restaurant
  • Food being re-heated
  • Food being re-used
  • Undercooked food

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Mr Beever said:

“During her (his daughter Lucy) illness, she could not eat and even liquids were difficult for her to keep down.  Our holiday at the Royal Park Hotel was a disaster and has caused a lot of problems following our return.  At least once a week Lucy will suffer with stomach cramps that cause her pain and distress.

It has affected her life and her confidence irreparably, and she is reluctant to get involved with after school groups because of her ongoing troubles.”

“It means that she is missing out on lots of opportunities, which breaks my heart.  Lucy and her cousin Liam were both celebrating their birthdays whilst we were in Bulgaria, which we hoped would make it a really special time for them. Sadly this is a birthday that we will never forget for all the wrong reasons.”

100% of our holiday food poisoning compensation claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you do not have to worry about any financial risk at all as if your claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything.

holiday food poisoning compensation

Karie Ashforth who was also on the family holiday said:

“The children suffered horrifically during the holiday and it is awful to see them still struggling now.  One of the worst aspects for Liam (her son) was having to miss football and time with his friends, things that a boy of his age should be enjoying without any worry.  We felt that it was fair that we received a financial settlement of this order given that our family holiday was ruined by illness and due to the suffering we experienced then and thereafter.   We will never forget the ordeal but hopefully we can draw a line under it and move on.”

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