6 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Solicitor

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6 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Solicitor

1. Are there any hidden catches? Will there be any charges or deductions?

In recent times scandals within the claims industry have, quite rightly, shaken the public’s confidence and created a sense of doubt about the profession’s integrity. You need to be sure about where you stand in relation to any costs liability and you need to have confidence that your personal injury solicitor is working for you and in your best interests. You have already been injured through no fault of your own and the very last thing you need is to find out you have unexpected charges or fees that you knew nothing about!

2. You want the Best Results so………….. Are you dealing with a Fully Qualified Personal Injury Solicitor who Specialises Exclusively in personal Injury?

Like anything in life if you want something, doing well it is crucial that you appoint a personal injury solicitor who has a proven track record and who has the necessary training, qualifications and experience to be able to advise you fully. In the absence of proper training and experience how can you be sure that you will receive the best advice and how do you know that your solicitor will ensure you are compensated properly for your injuries? Many firms rely upon junior, unqualified and less experienced members of staff to have overall conduct of personal injury claims. This may prevent you from obtaining a well-informed opinion in relation to all aspects of your case and will almost certainly have an impact upon:

  • Whether your claim actually succeeds in the first place
  • The speed and efficiency at which your claim is processed;
  • and, last but not least, the actual amount of your compensation.

3. Is your personal injury solicitor accredited by the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel?

The Law Society is the professional body for all solicitors who practice throughout England and Wales and performs a crucial role in terms of laying down the benchmark for the whole profession. The Law Society’s personal injury panel is for solicitors who have been able to demonstrate a high level of experience and expertise in the field of personal injury. If your solicitor does not have this accreditation how do you know that they will have the necessary expertise and will be able to handle your case correctly?

4. How much experience does your personal injury solicitor have in personal injury claims?

If your solicitor does not have sufficient experience then you are likely to be at a disadvantage. Experience over many years will give you a better chance of succeeding with your claim as your solicitor will generally have a much deeper understanding of the legal procedures and processes involved. This experience is likely to be used to benefit you to ensure that your chances of success are higher than they would otherwise be.

5. Will your personal injury solicitor see you at home?

If a home visit would be easier for you then will your solicitor be prepared to travel to you with a view to putting you at ease and answering any initial questions and concerns?

6. Are there any benefits available to me?

Naturally, when you have an accident it can be an extremely difficult and stressful time which is why anything that can be done to take away any additional inconvenience without cost to you is a benefit for you. Some personal injury solicitors have made links with other companies so that they can offer you private medical treatment and rehabilitation to enable you to recover as quickly as possible. Some solicitors also offer car hire and motor cycle hire at no cost to you.

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