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Allergy Compensation Claims

Allergy Compensation Claims – what’s the trigger?

Allergic reactions arise  when the auto-immune system reacts spontaneously to to what is normally a harmless substance.

This response can follow after inhalation, digestion or by contact with the skin.

If allergic to the substance then the body’s immune system reacts as if it is under attack and releases histamine in an effort to defend the body.

This over reaction to a substance is known as anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock 

The reaction can be mild but it can also be severe  and some cases fatal.

Different types of Allergic Reactions?

Here are just a few of the different types of allergic reactions which may give rise to allergy compensation claims in certain circumstances:

  • Nut Allergies – this type of allergy has become increasingly common and can lead to a serious anaphylactic reaction requiring immediate medical attention. We often receive inquiries from clients who have inadvertently eaten nuts when eating out even though they have told the food establishment that they are nut allergy sufferers and cannot consume nuts for medical reasons.


  • Hair Dye  Allergies – the problem here is that the chemicals contained within the dye can cause an allergic reaction which can be serious and even life threatening. The key to this is to ensure that the Hair Stylist performs a “patch test” before the main treatment so there is a warning if the client is or has become allergic to any of the substances in the formula. If this type of test is not undertaken then there will be good grounds for bringing a Hair Dye claim.


  • Gluten Allergies – many people have an intolerance to wheat and again it is so important that food labeling is accurate and can be relied upon. Restaurants across the land are declaring that they have gluten free menu but sadly, as were only too aware, mistakes are made with far reaching consequences.


  • Contact Lenses – this serves to illustrate how pervasive allergies can be. The wearing of contact lenses can trigger all sorts of allergic reactions which can result in a whole range of horrible symptoms such as swelling, mucous discharge and puffiness in and around the eyes.  To illustrate how nasty this can be we spotted a” terrifying reaction” reported in the press for one poor lady who was afraid she might go blind following the purchase of some  novelty contact lenses.


  • Latex Allergies – this reaction is to the proteins that can be found in latex or to the chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process. Interestingly the sufferer can not only be allergic to the latex substance itself but may also react to the microscopic powder which may become airborne and then inhaled.


  • Shell fish Allergies – shell fish reactions can be really serious too and shell fish can be found in whole host of places where you would not expect it.  Generally the reaction comes on within minutes to an hour of eating the shellfish and like other reactions its possible for the sufferer to go into anaphylactic shock and require urgent medical attention.


Why you need an Allergy Compensation Claims Solicitor?

We know from our years of experience in dealing with compensation following an allergic reaction that there is a temptation for clients to try to handle the claim themselves.

Whilst we understand the reasons, almost inevitably any offers of compensation will fall a long way short of what the client is entitled to for a potentially life threatening allergic reaction and very often there may be a complete denial by the defendant which will stop most clients in their track.

Thankfully many clients realise that they need an allergy compensation claims solicitor to help them with their claim and once instructed we will put our minds to:

Winning the Argument


Getting the Very Best Result.

How Can We Help You?

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