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Woman scarred for life after botched laser hair removal

A woman has been left with permanent scarring because an unqualified beautician made a terrible mess of laser hair removal treatment on her chin leaving her to decide whether to make a laser hair removal claim.

The woman in question, Vanda Thomas, has permanent scarring under her chin after spending £50 having a few chin hairs removed at a Beauty Salon close to her home. She had hoped to boost her confidence but instead has been scarred for life and will now have to make a laser hair removal claim to try and get some much deserved compensation.

Rather than leaving her with a hair free chin, she now has permanent scarring which takes a considerable amount of make up to cover all because the unqualified beautician burnt her face by using the laser on a very high setting.

What did Vanda Thomas say about her laser hair removal claim?

“I had been there before for facials and massages, and the woman was really nice and friendly.  ‘I thought long and hard about having laser hair removal treatment, and then decided I should go for it.  When she put the laser on, it hurt so much I jumped out of the chair. It was such an intense burning.  The woman said it was normal, and did another patch, but that hurt just as bad.  Then she said that maybe she should turn the laser down. I have a high threshold for pain, but that was absolutely agonising.”

“’It was only afterwards that I realised these people didn’t need any training, or licencing, to operate quite dangerous machinery.  My face felt like it was on fire for days – all because she didn’t know how to operate the machine.  I want nobody else to go through what I’ve had to endure, and that’s why we need to make a change in the law to make certain these people have proper training.  At the moment we are unprotected by rogue beauty therapists with powerful lasers.”

What were Vanda’s symptoms?

She was left with a burning sensation in her face as well as sin sores and blisters. She immediately consulted her GP with her laser hair removal claims and was given the worrying news that she had first degree burns and was scarred for life.  How much compensation she would receive if she made a laser hair removal claim is difficult to say at the moment without seeing how she recovers over the coming months.

What does the Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations (AIHO) say?

The AIHO is in the process of petitioning the Government for a formal register of accredited and approved practitioners with a view to preventing future injuries like these and laser hair removal claims.

AIHO’s operational director Sally Taber said:

“There isn’t any regulation at the moment and that puts people at risk, so always background check a practitioner and ask if they have had the training before considering treatment.  It was found that there hasn’t been as much risk with lasers, hence why the government does not support regulation – yet this is a problem but it’s the responsibility of the patients to find out about the practitioner.” 

What has the Government said? 

A spokesperson for the Department of Health said:

“We want to make sure everybody who undergoes laser hair removal receives good standards of care and is aware of the risks.  ‘We are working with Health Education England to review training and qualifications for providers of non-surgical interventions – including laser hair removal.”

What do the specialists say about this laser hair removal claim?

David Healey from Carter & Carter Solicitors in Stockport commented on this laser hair removal claim earlier today:

“People go for laser hair removal to make themselves feel better or to save time in their day to day lives.  They are placing very sensitive body parts in the hands of people they believe are professionals.  Sadly, from time to time things go horribly wrong as in this case.  A portal of approved practitioners is needed but as important is public liability insurance for each practitioner or beauty salon to ensure that the victim will receive compensation if they make a laser hair removal claim.”

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What Does It Cost To Make a laser hair removal claim?

100% of our laser hair removal claims are made on a Conditional Fee Agreement which you will know as a “No Win No Fee” Agreement which means that you do not have to worry about any financial risk at all.

Many people are put off from making a laser hair removal claim due to the worry around the cost, as most laser hair removal procedures will have cost a great deal of money in the first place. We will provide you with a free of charge appointment with us to discuss your laser hair removal claim and help you to decide if you would like to make a laser hair removal claim.  We guarantee that if you lose your laser hair removal claim you pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING so you have nothing to lose by making a laser hair removal claim. 

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