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BMW N47 timing chain causing engine failure

You may have watched the BBC 1 Watchdog program on 12th June 2013 which highlighted that BMW have had numerous complaints from BMW owners who have had total engine failure in the BMW 1-Series, 3-Series and 5-Series vehicles built between 2007 and 2009 and possibly even later due to their BMW N47 timing chain.

Watch the Episode Here

What is the problem with the BMW N47 timing chain?

The cause of the problem is that on the BMW N47 engine, the BMW N47 timing chains snapped causing the engine to come to a complete stand still.

The BMW N47 timing chain is located at the back of the engine closest to the windscreen so the entire engine needs to be removed for it to be worked on resulting in huge labour bills.

Once the BMW N47 timing chain snaps it causes huge damage to the engine which often means that your car will need a completely new engine!  BMW’s reply to this is that the positioning of the BMW N47 timing chain at the back of the engine is because it’s a part of the engine which should last the life-time of the car and therefore does not need servicing.

The BMW N47 timing chain  is fitted to a huge amount of BMWs and as only BMW can, they are refusing to accept any blame probably for fear of the huge cost of replacing the damaged N47 engines.

When Toyota had a brake problem on one of their vehicles they immediately held their hands up and fixed the problem regardless of whether the car was under warranty, not so for BMW.

What does the BMW N47 timing chain do?

The timing chain links the moving parts in the engine which work to move the car forwards. It is snaps it causes massive engine failure which can happen without warning and you will be left with no steering, brakes or confidence.

How much does it cost to fix a BMW N47 timing chain?

Anywhere between £500 and £8,000 and there are lots of examples where people have had to pay this themselves.

What do BMW offer? 

BMW offer ‘goodwill gestures’ towards part of the cost of repairing the timing chain IF, and it’s a big IF, you have maintained a regular BMW service history AND have had repair work carried out at BMW approved garages.

BMW’s Response about the BMW N47 timing chain

“BMW offers a comprehensive, full three-year warranty on all new cars sold in the UK. Outside of this warranty period, while there is no obligation to assist with the costs of repairs, BMW operates a generous goodwill policy and will consider financial help, depending on the specific circumstances of each case.”

What do the Specialists say about the BMW N47 timing chain?

David Healey of Carter & Carter Solicitors said:

“We have first hand experience of dealing with BMW and taking BMW to Court for failing to remedy a problem.  If you deal with BMW directly I suspect they will fob you off hoping that you go away, leaving you to foot a potentially massive bill.  We are experienced at dealing with these claims against BMW and operate a no win no fee.  If your BMW has a faulty BMW N47 timing chain get in touch immediately.”

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