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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – How frequent is it?


Informa Healthcare reports that the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in London has recently published its findings from a study in relation to reported carbon monoxide poisoning from 1986 to 2011 relating to the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Who are Informa Healthcare?

Informa Healthcare are an organisation which works with leading researchers from around the world and publishes the latest high-impact, peer-reviewed content.

What was the purpose of this study?

To gather information on the circumstances that give rise to unintentional domestic non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning.

What did they find?

They found:

  • 348 carbon monoxide poisoning incidents
  • 880 victims
  • 298 deaths
  • 48% were due to central heating or water boilers
  • 49% of incidents occurred in private dwellings
  • 87% survival rate if a victim was discovered alive
  • 31 incidents involved pets, 17 pets died
  • 49 prosecutions were recorded
  • 7 prison sentences were handed down
  • 34 convictions resulted in a fine
  • 42% of charges were against an installer/maintenance engineer
  • 31% of charges were against the landlord

All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group

East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson has reminded people to be safe where carbon monoxide could be a factor which is part of a new campaign organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group which is a group of MPs working to prevent Carbon Monoxide deaths in the UK in conjunction with research body Gas Safety Trust.

Ms Swinson said:

“It’s vital that people take the necessary precautions to avoid the tragic loss of life that can occur from carbon monoxide poisoning in the summer months.  Never make the mistake of thinking that CO poisoning is a winter-only issue. It isn’t. If you’re camping or picnicking this summer, the message is simple – follow the safety measures and protect your family.”

Have you suffered from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

If you have you may be able to make a carbon monoxide poisoning compensation claim against your landlord or installer/maintenance engineer.  Typical symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness and sickness
  • Vomiting
  • Tiredness and confusion
  • Stomach pains
  • Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
  • Confusion
  • Memory loss
  • Co-ordination problems

What Do The Specialists Say?

David Healey from Carter & Carter Solicitors in Stockport commented on this latest incident earlier:

“If you are living in a Council House or in a privately rented house your Landlord has a duty to check the gas appliances to make sure they are safe.  If you suffer injury due to leaking carbon monoxide you may be able to make a claim against landlord also known as a tenant injury claim.  This study shows that there are a significant number of carbon monoxide related incidents resulting in a large number deaths.”