Cosmetic Surgery Needs Better Regulation

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Cosmetic Surgery Needs Better Regulation

On the subject of Cosmetic Surgery Claims, the upshot is that Sir Bruce needs to radically over haul the industry if he is going to ensure that the public are properly protected when receiving cosmetic surgery. Sir Bruce has said:

“there is a clear need for better quality, recognised training for the people performing these operations.”

The worry Cosmetic Surgery Claims and Insurance

What we also believe needs urgent consideration and review  is the fact that it is not a mandatory legal requirement mandatory for foreign cosmetic surgery consultants to have professional indemnity insurance. The demand for cosmetic surgery has grown so much that cosmetic surgery clinics are relying increasingly upon foreign surgeons to carry out procedures even though they are based outside the jurisdiction. We are sure that if the patients receiving treatment from these consultants knew that there were having cosmetic surgery carried out without any UK backed insurance then at the very least they would think twice about proceeding.

Needless to say when things do go wrong it can be terribly difficult for the client who needs to make Cosmetic Surgery Claims. Tracking down the responsible surgeon may well be difficult in the first place never mind any foreign insurer who will probably be blissfully unaware of the protocols which need to be followed in our jurisdiction. In our experience the UK based clinics who are so keen to market their services so effectively simply say that the foreign surgeon is just an agent of theirs and they have no responsibility for any Cosmetic Surgery Claims.

In conclusion it is clear that the cosmetic surgery industry needs a far reaching and comprehensive review if the public are to be properly protected if they have to make Cosmetic Surgery Claims. Formal regulation is urgently required and surely UK based mandatory insurance needs to be a legal requirement for surgeons based outside the UK but who carry out procedures here.

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