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Fatal Cycling Accidents and City Black Spots

It has been reported in the national press that yet another cyclist has been tragically killed in a London city black spot at Ludgate Circus.  Since 2008 six other people have died in cycling accidents at the same junction and what’s worse is that this particular junction has been left out of a list where improvement layout work has been authorised by Transport for London to go ahead. It is accepted that the reason for this omission is a lack of available resources.

It also seems a worrying feature that a very high proportion of the fatal accidents with cyclists involve HGV vehicles. It is reported that out of 14 fatal cycling accidents last year in London nine of the victims sustained their accidents with heavy good’s vehicles. Previously it has been suggested by Chris Boardman, a former Olympic cyclist, that the London Mayor looks at implementing a system like that in Paris which would mean that heavy goods vehicles would be banned from roads  during peak hours.

It seems clear say campaigners that there is a real and pressing need for the authorities to take a concerted look at a number of junctions in the city (as well as elsewhere) so that they can be rendered fit and safe for cyclists. If no action is taken the only certainty is that these serious fatal accidents involving cyclists will be set to continue. It is hoped that the powers that be will take a serious look at the accident black spots and resolve to take action where needed.

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