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22,000 Cyclists Injured in Accidents during 2012

Every year in the UK around 19,000 cyclists are injured including 3,000 who are killed or seriously injured. These statistics are clearly alarming.


Children                 Adults

Killed                                                  13                          105

Seriously Injured                             311                        2,911

Slightly Injured                               1,874                      13,877

*Figures for 2012 – These figures include cyclist killed or injured in road accident that were reported to the police.

What Do the Statistics show?

    • The majority of cycling casualties are adults. With less than one fifth being children, accidents tend to increase as children grow older with 10 to 15 years old being more at risk than other age groups including adults until about the age of 60 years old.
    • To some extent the above reflects increased cycling as children grow older followed by a switch to motorised transport from the late teens onwards. It also coincides with the age when children attend secondary school.
    • 80% of cyclist casualties are male and most cycling accidents happen in urban areas.
    • Almost 2 out of 3 cyclists killed or seriously injured were involved in collision at or near a road junction. T junctions being the most common.
    • Roundabouts are particularly dangerous to cyclists.
    • The severity of injuries suffered by cyclists increase with the speed limit.
    • More riders are more likely to suffer serious or fatal injuries on higher speed roads.
    • Almost half of all cyclists deaths occur on rural roads.
    • Around 80% happen in daytime hours, however the night time ones are more likely to be fatal.
    • Statistics show that accident occur less frequently during winter and autumn with more accidents occurring during spring and summer months.
    • Limb injuries are common among cyclists casualties with over 40% suffering arm injuries and around 25% leg injuries.
    • Chest and abdomen injuries occur much less frequently (5%) but are often serious when they do occur they are often accompanied by head injuries.
    • Head injuries range from fatal skull fractures and brain damage to minor concussion. Cuts are very common injuries for cyclists.
    • Hospital data shows that over 40% of cyclists and 45% of child cyclists suffer head injuries.
    • A study of 116 fatal cyclist accidents in London and rural areas found over 70% of fatalities in London had moderate or serious head injuries and over 80% of those killed in collisions on rural roads.

It seems abundantly clear that cycling is a dangerous pastime and if you have been unlucky enough to be involved in a cycling accident then there are certain things that you will need to bear in mind:

What to Consider before making a Cycling Accident Claim?

Before making a claim there are a whole range of matters you should consider including to mention just a few :

  • The extent (if any) that the accident was your fault? (Even if you think it was your fault you should consult an expert personal injury solicitor for advice.)
  • Reporting the cycling accident to the Police;
  • Receiving the right medical attention;
  • Are there any Witnesses and are they supportive?
  • Is there any CCTV footage which needs to be preserved?
  • What personal items were damaged in the cycling accident and have you documentation to support your losses?

Do You Need Help?

If  you have suffered injury arising out of a cycling accident then you need expert advice from a Solicitor who know how to give you the best chances of success and then to fight your corner for the very best settlement terms. Call us to discuss your claim without obligation and we will be able to let you know straight away whether your claim is likely to succeed. If we can help you then it will be on a genuine No Win No Fee basis which means you have no risk at all. Call us and use all our experience built up over 20 years to your advantage.


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