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Dangerous Dog Attacks Thrust Back Into The Spotlight


The tragic case in the press this week of another young person losing their life after being attacked by a vicious dog brings the controversial question of whether people should be allowed to own certain types of dogs back to into the public spotlight.

What Does The Law Say?

The Dangerous Dogs Act prohibits four types of dog:

  • the Pit Bull Terrier
  • the Japanese tosa
  • the Dogo Argentino
  • the Fila Brasileiro

In Britain, dangerous dogs are classified by type rather than breed and whether a dog is dangerous depends on its unique physical characteristics which will ultimately be decided by a court.

Britain has an unfortunate history of dangerous dogs causing significant problems not only in the privacy of peoples’ homes but also in public places.   We have all read in the Press about tragedies involving certain types of dogs.  If a dog is dangerously out of control in a public place, the owner or the person in charge of the dog at that particular time is guilty of an offence under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

How Often Do Dogs Attack?

According to Hospital Episode Statistics Online (HESO), dog bites are most common in young children, particularly boys aged 5 to 9 and it is estimated that around half of all children will be bitten by a dog at some point during their life, usually by either a family dog or a dog that belongs to a friend or neighbour.

HESO suggests that tor the period from May 2011 to April 2012, 6,447 people attended Hospital after being bitten or struck by a dog which accounts for 52% of all animal related Hospital attendances.

What Do The Specialists Say?

David Healey from Carter & Carter Solicitors in Stockport commented on this latest tragic incident earlier today:

“This latest tragedy should force the Government to review the issue of dangerous dog ownership urgently.  Given the obvious risks that are present with certain types of dogs it begs the question whether they should be part of our Society at all.

We have acted for numerous people who have been attacked by dangerous dogs ranging from Postmen attacked on their rounds to people who have simply been walking in the Park.  Not only can victims suffer physical injuries but also longstanding psychological effects which can last for years.

The vast majority of dog owners have dog insurance which compensates the innocent victims of dangerous dog attacks.  Even if the owner hasn’t got specific dog insurance it is sometimes possible to make a claim against the owner’s home insurance or even against the owner personally.”

Do You Want To Know More?

If you have been injured by a dog within the last 3 years and are unsure whether it would be classed as dangerous or are simply unsure what to do, you should contact a Specialist Solicitor as soon as possible.

If you want to find out more from our website about incidents involving dangerous dogs, simply click here.

What We Can Do For You

We are dog bite compensation Solicitors and specialise in dealing with dog bite claims and claiming dog bite compensation.   We will run your dog bite claim against the responsible owner to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of dog bite compensation.

What To Do Now

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