Dangerous dogs bred for drug deals and crime

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Dangerous dogs bred for drug deals and crime


The tragic Dangerous dogs claim in the press last month of another young person losing their life has been followed up by the publication of a Middlesex University London study which found that young men were using bull mastiffs, pit bulls, akitas and other aggressive dogs as a tool for making money. 

What did the Study find?

The study found that:

    • There has been a rise of 551% in hospital admissions for dog bites since 1991
    • Owners were building up their animals’ muscles with vitamin supplements and even injecting them with steroids

What does the Expert say? 

Author Dr Simon Harding said:

“It has become less about whether the dog will fit into family life and more about ‘what will this dog do for me, how much will it make me?’  The dog says ‘I am here to be taken seriously’ – it acts as a ‘minder’ and a ‘heavy’ when collecting dues.  People believe that possession of an aggressive dog means that the threats posed by such men will be carried out.”

Dog Breeding

A 16-year-old boy told Dr Harding “It’s not just a dog, it’s a half bull mastiff and half pit bull.  I’ll probably get another.  We are looking to breed it and we would get about £2,000 per dog.”

A boy of 17 said of his pit bulls: “People know that if you are breeding you are making money from them.”

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