Dental Negligence Compensation – when Veneers Fell Out.

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Dental Negligence Compensation – when Veneers Fell Out.

What Happened in this dental negligence compensation claim?

Nasser Homayoun-Fekri spent £11,500 on veneers to improve his smile which were fitted by dentist, Dr Anjali Shahi at Manor Dental Practice in Sale.  A matter of days later a veneer fell out and over the next 2 weeks they had all dislodged which left him with no option but to make a dental negligence compensation claim.

What did Mr Homayoun-Fekri say?

He said:

“I had always had problems with gum disease throughout my life, and my teeth weren’t very nice to look at. I wanted to be able to have nice smile like something out of Hollywood.  I finally decided to get something done about my ugly teeth. The plan was very expensive, but I decided to go ahead with it, based on Dr Shahi’s advice.  I was actually recommended to go to Dr Shahi by a friend, so I was really shocked with the treatment I received.  I had saved for years to get it done and was finally looking forward to enjoy my new smile, but was left angry and disappointed.”

“It was a very stressful and upsetting time for me. I lost a lot of confidence, I just felt sick. I had put trust in her and it seemed the dentist wasn’t taking responsibility.  It came at a time when I was starting a new relationship and to find parts of my teeth appearing in my mouth and dropping into my food was, to say the least, alarming and psychologically deflating, leaving me afraid to open my mouth to speak.  Eating became a big problem and this was making me wary of meal times. Dental work is not cheap at the best of times and can be very painful if it goes wrong. This lady should have done her job properly.”

“One of the front veneers had fallen off, so I was left with a gaping hole. It was so embarrassing because it happened in front of everyone at the wedding. I had no choice but to superglue it back on. It totally ruined the day for me.  I was told they would last for 20 years so I was extremely worried when they didn’t even last 14 days.”

“At first the dentist was understanding and willing to sort them, but when all six of them started coming loose she started being very uncooperative and unprofessional.  I went back to her about thirty times, which took up so much valuable time, especially since I run my own cafe. I had to set aside around three hours for each appointment.”

“I decided to get a second opinion and was told I should have never been fitted with veneers and my new teeth weren’t secure because my natural ones had been over-prepared.  I wasn’t confident Dr Shahi would fix them properly, so ended up going to another dentist.  I was awarded £10,000 after an out of court settlement. I’m pleased I got something, but I am still out of pocket.”

What did the Dental Expert say about this dental negligence compensation claim?

Geoff Bateman from Birmingham Dental Hospital prepared a medico-legal report which said:

“The upper veneers failed very quickly and were never fit for purpose. In my view this bridgework should not have been provided. Such treatment was doomed to failure.”

How long should veneers last?

The general consensus is that veneers have a life of around 15-20 years before they will require replacement.

What Do The Specialists Say?

David Healey of Carter & Carter Solicitors said:

“Having work done on your teeth is a massive decision because once your teeth have been removed they cannot be replaced.  It is crucial that you have the work down by a competent professional to ensure that nothing goes wrong as has happened in this case.”

We can help with your Dental Negligence Compensation Claim

David Healey at Carter & Carter Solicitors is very experienced in handling dental negligence compensation claims as well as a variety of other accident compensation claims such as serious injury claims, fatalities, catastrophic injuries and amputations to name just a few.

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