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Dog Bite claim after Police Dog attacks Boy In Oldbury Back Garden

A 10 year old has suffered a dog bite injury and a potential dog bite claim after being bitten by a police dog as he was playing in his grandma’s back garden.  Tom Cutbill was bitten up to 3 times by the police dog as police searched for metal thieves in Sandwell, West Midlands.  The dog, on a leash with its handler, entered the private back garden where the boy was playing during the pursuit.

What did the boy’s family say about the dog bite?

Martin Cutbill, the boy’s father said:

“I am disgusted and want  to know how this was allowed to happen. I am shocked and amazed.  My son has gone through a terrible time. He is only recently out of hospital, starting to take his first steps on crutches. It happened on Sunday afternoon.  There were quite a few puncture wounds and tears to his skin. We haven’t heard much from the police.”

West Midlands Police comments about this dog bite claim

Chief Inspector Ian Marsh of West Midlands Police said:

“This poor young boy has gone through an absolutely horrendous ordeal and my thoughts are with him and his family as he recovers from his injuries.  We apologise unreservedly for what has happened and have launched an investigation to fully understand exactly how an innocent young lad came to be bitten by a police dog in the safety of his own back garden.  Police dogs and their handlers receive intensive training and play crucial roles in the arrest of suspects day in, day out, but on the very rare occasions where things go wrong, it’s vital we understand why and learn the lessons to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

What do the Specialists say about a dog bite claim?

Carter & Carter Solicitors deal with dog bite claims regularly and will ensure you receive the right level of compensation regardless of whether the dog is owned by the police or a member of the public.

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