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NFU: Everyone Must Play Part in Helping Reduce Farm Accident Claims

British farming’s health and safety record relating to Farm Accident Claims is improving according to newly released figures which show that the number of fatal accidents is falling despite the agricultural industry being the industry with the highest proportion of fatal injuries.  The National Farmers’ Union are constantly trying to reduce the number of accidents at work and serious injuries to farmers and members of the public which will also keep down the number of Farm Accident Claims.

Farm Accident Claims – Health and Safety Executive (HSE) figures for the year ending March 2013

National Farmers’ Union (NFU) comments on Farm Accident Claims

NFU regulatory affairs adviser Benjamin Ellis said:

“It is sad that agriculture has retained the highest fatal accident rate for a number of years now. But we are actively working hard to try to improve the safety record of the industry. The Farm Safety Partnership is leading the way in raising awareness with each organisation that is represented dedicated to raising safety standards.  The NFU meets with our members regularly to discuss the importance of on-farm safety and we produce a number of safety related briefings and business guides to help farms consider the risks from their activities.”

“It is vital that everyone in the industry plays their part to help improve standards – simple measures like informing someone of what you are doing, taking a charged mobile phone in your pocket and knowing that a 999 call doesn’t need signal from your provider can save your life; but it is also important that people take action to prevent accidents from occurring like following the safe stop procedure (hand brake on, controls in neutral, engine off, keys out) and not cutting corners and taking risks such as when working at height or handling livestock.  The NFU is committed to helping to reduce these accident statistics and believe that a good safety record is proof of a professional, modern industry.”

What do the Specialists say about Farm Accident Claims?

Farm Accidents at work are unavoidable but the Employer has a responsibility to take precautions to make their Employees safe at work no matter which industry and that includes trying to keep Farm Accident Claims to a minimum.

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