Faulty Tumble Dryers – Fire Risk Warning Issued

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Faulty Tumble Dryers – Fire Risk Warning Issued

Faulty Tumble Dryers – which ones are Faulty?

Owners of Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda air vented and condensing dryers may have machines that are unsafe after it has emerged that an accumulation of fluff in the filter, which is situated close to the heating element, could pose a risk of fire.

Why has this safety risk come to light now?

It is only now after Whirlpool has taken over Indesit and their safety team has been reviewing matters that it has been acknowledged that there are faulty tumble dryers with risk of fire being present. It is understood that Whirpool Indesit is in the process of contacting the owners of the faulty tumble dryers that could be affected after admitting that a “significant numbers” of units are involved.”

How many Households are affected?

There are  reportedly some 30 million Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda domestic appliances in the UK and the recall covers machines bought over a really long period of time, that is, between April 2004 and October 2015 so it’s easy to see that potentially millions of households could be affected by this safety recall.

The company has tried to reassure everyone by saying the tumble dryers could still be used but should not be operated if the machine is left unattended. Unfortunately this wont help many people to feel at ease with the situation!

Statistics released by Which, the consumer group, in June underlines the fire risk created by faulty goods announcing that nearly 12,000 fires in the past three years in Britain had been the fault of defective white appliances. This is a scary statistic and demonstrates there is no room at all for complacency amongst the manufacturers

Worried about a faulty tumble dryer? What Action should you take?

First of all find out if your model is affected – check online at hotpoint safety or indesit safety.

A telephone helpline number has also been set up by the manufacturer:  0800 151 0905

Clearly you will need to follow the advice that you receive from the manufacturer to minimise the risks.

Has your Faulty Tumble Dryer already caused a fire?

Please contact us straightaway so we can advise you about what steps you need to take to protect your position and so we can make and initial assessment of the value of your claim.

How Much Will It Cost to instruct us?

100% of our Faulty Tumble Dryer Claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you do not have to worry about any financial risk at all as if your Faulty Tumble Dryer Claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything.

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