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Food Poisoning Claim Risk at Summer Barbeques

If the weather forecasters recent prediction proves true; that summer is about to burst through and we have weeks of sunny weather ahead of us (!), it’s likely that many of us will be dusting down our barbeques in anticipation but what about the ever present risk of food poisoning and a food poisoning claim from a guest.

When cooking al fresco in the company of friends and family it’s perhaps easy to forget the all important food safety advice to guard against the risk of a food poisoning claim. After all the symptoms of food poisoning which may include sickness, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, fever (to name just a few) are worth guarding against! In some case the symptoms can be very serious indeed and lead to hospitalisation and months of recouperation.

The food safety experts all seem to agree that bacteria, which can survive in all kinds of environments and can be found on or inside the food, represents the underlying cause of food poisoning.

Tips to Reduce the Risk of a Food Poisoning Claim?

  • Make sure the meat which you cook is piping hot – ideally you should invest in an internal thermometer to ensure the meat reaches temperatures of at least 160 degrees which is what the experts advise is a safe level;
  • Before preparing or handling food make sure you wash your hands thoroughly;
  • Keep all surfaces and utensils clean;
  • Avoid cross contamination so this means ensuring cooked food is kept entirely separate from raw food. For example you should always use different chopping boards for vegetables and meat.

The Overall Message to avoid a Food Poisoning Claim?

Stick to the food safety rules and enjoy the summer when it arrives!

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