Allergic Reaction Death Shahida Shahid

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Allergic Reaction Death Shahida Shahid

18-year-old Shahida Shahid, a Manchester University maths student, died 3 days after eating a meal at the Almost Famous restaurant which is located at the Great Northern Warehouse on Peter Street, off Deansgate in Manchester.  Shahida tragically collapsed less than 1 hour after leaving the Almost Famous restaurant.

What happened after the Meal?

The inquest was informed that Shahida became unwell near the Printworks, less than an hour after eating.  Her friends became aware that she was having an allergic reaction and Shahida used her inhaler and Epi-pen, to try and combat the symptoms but unfortunately, they had no effect and Shahida collapsed, was not breathing normally and was unresponsive in cardiac arrest.

An ambulance was called and Shahida was rushed to Accident & Emergency at the Manchester Royal Infirmary where she was then transferred to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). She passed away 3 days later.

Greater Manchester Police

Detective Inspector Chris Flint from Greater Manchester Police’s HQ in Central Park has informed the Inquest that it is believed the food Shahida ate contained or was cooked in an ingredient which she was allergic to.

Detective Inspector Chris Flint said:

“We understand, although it is not entirely clear, that she indicated to waiting staff what her allergies were and what meal would be appropriate for her. She was advised that a particular chicken dish would be appropriate and that was ordered and consumed.”

“It is understood the dish did contain or was cooked in one of the ingredients she was allergic to.  GMP have launched a joint investigation into the incident with the Food Standards Agency.”

Our Experience

We act for lots of clients who have suffered allergic reactions at restaurants or takeaways despite warning the staff about their allergies.  The new Food Allergy Labelling laws should help to reduce these instances but companies need to ensure that staff pass such crucial information on to the kitchen.

We have seen lots of instances where clients have ordered food on the Just Eat website and stated that they are allergic to certain things and they have still suffered allergic reactions due to sloppy procedures.

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The Inquest

Tests suggest the cause of death was irreversible and unsurvivable brain damage caused by a severe allergic reaction to the food.  The Inquest into her death has been told that Shahida apparently warned staff at Almost Famous about her food allergies before deciding what to eat.

The Coroner, Nigel Meadows, said:

“The investigation into Shahida’s death is a timely reminder to the food industry about the significance of providing information to customers with food allergies.  The (Food Allergy Labelling) law has relatively recently changed and new regulations came into force in August 2014 and more new EU regulations in December 2014.”

The New Food Allergy Labelling Laws

Read our detailed update on the new Food Allergy Labelling Laws so you know where you stand if you suffer an allergic reaction.

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