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Harrogate inflatable slide blows over injuring five

Five injured people have been taken to Hospital after an inflatable slide took off in high wind.  An elderly lady is thought to have been hit on the head by the inflatable as it landed.

Where did it happen?

Ripley Cricket Club (part of the Ripley Castle estate) near Harrogate on 28th April 2013

What have the Owners said?

A Ripley Castle spokesman said:

“Our sympathy to all those affected by the bouncy castle incident at the Ripley Cricket Club car boot sale on the cricket ground this morning: hope those injured make a swift recovery.”

Any eyewitnesses?

Carmen Williams who was present and witnessed the incident said:

“I was sat there in the cafe and in a flash the bouncy castle with two or three children on it just flew over.  People were screaming and running away from it.  It was awful.”

What did the Police say?

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said :

“No one is thought to have been critically injured.  Officers have seized the slide and investigations are continuing at the scene.  The Health and Safety Executive has been informed and are also attending the scene of the incident.”

Where were the injured taken to?

Harrogate Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary

Will the injured be compensated?

Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, the occupier has a duty of care to:

“take such care as in all the circumstances of the case is reasonable to see that visitors will be reasonably safe in using the premises for the purposes for which he is invited or permitted to be there.”

A Risk Assessment should have been carried out before the event which should have taken prevailing weather conditions into consideration.  Using an inflatable on a windy day does not seem particularly sensible when the only means of securing it to the ground are tent style pegs and ropes which in this case did not help.  If someone is injured as a result of the negligence of the occupier they will be able to make a claim for occupier liability compensation.