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Bringing an Uninsured Driver’s Claim?

What are your rights?

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, the driver’s insurance company will normally pay out if the responsibility was solely with the driver. However, these cases become difficult when a pedestrian is hit by an uninsured or unidentified driver. There can be complications involved and different procedures can apply. In this instance, a claim for compensation would be made directly through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, instead of the insurance company of the negligent driver.

A pedestrian may recover damages for loss of amenity and pain, as well as financial losses as a result of the accident. As with all accident claims, having clear evidence to support your claim is essential. A pedestrian must seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Photographs of the scene, witness statements, medical reports and a report from the police will further support your claim. These documents will be crucial when claiming for road traffic accident compensation and the acting solicitor should be taking an active part if obtaining all the necessary evidence.

Uninsured Driver Claims

Claiming against an uninsured or unidentified driver is not straightforward and there are various rules which must be followed otherwise the injured party could lose the right to claim at all!

It is therefore important that you seek advice from a personal injury solicitor who will be able to provide you with professional advice and assistance in relation to your situation so that your position is fully protected.

How Carter & Carter Solicitors can help you

Securing compensation is still possible, even if the driver is untraceable. Our team of friendly and professional accident solicitors will work with you to make a successful claim. One of our team will talk you through a number of very important requirements which must be met by the eligible to make a claim. Police work within a strict time limit, so it is essential that you report the incident to the police immediately.

Over the years, our team of experts at Carter & Carter Solicitors have helped many clients to pursue untraced driver compensation through direct communication with the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).

After an initial chat with you, we will be able to advise you on whether we think your claim will be successful.

If we can help you we will use our years of experience to present your claim to the MIB and we guarantee there will be no costs for you to pay win or lose.

These are often difficult claims and there may be a few hurdles to overcome, however we will ensure that you are supported and guided throughout the claims process so that you have every chance of winning your claim.

If you have been hit by an uninsured driver, contact our accident claims solicitors who will be happy to help you with your enquiry. Call us free on 0800 652 0586