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How Riding Schools can Gamble with Your Safety?

Horse Riding Accident Claims – What You Need to Know?

Horse riding accident claims arise out of whole variety of circumstances but essentially before you have your first lesson you need to satisfy yourself that:

  1. The school is properly licenced and has Quality Assurances;
  2. That you have a Horse riding instructor who has the right qualifications and experience and;
  3. That you have been given a horse that is well matched for you.


Is Your Horse Riding School Up To It?

In order to be able to set up and run a Riding School it is necessary for the school to obtain  a specific licence form the local authority. This is just a basic requirement but at least will demonstrate that the riding school has been assessed and declared suitable for riding by the authority. The licence will also demonstrate that the horses at the school have been checked out and are healthy and properly looked after.

In addition it is possible for Horse riding schools to have undergone further quality annual checks by various independent Horse organisations such as the Association of British Riding Schools who have a search facility for school. These associations will again will ensure compliance with a number of key issues including quality coaching standards, animal welfare as well as ensuring that the school very importantly has the necessary public liability insurance.

We know from our experience that the matter of insurance can be a major stumbling block for people who wish to bring Horse Riding Accident Claims and then discover that the riding school has failed to take out any or any adequate insurance.

Please ensure that the Riding School of your choice has the right insurance in place before you start your lessons and don’t be afraid of asking to see their certificate so that you have that peace of mind.


Your Horse Riding Teacher – Do they come up to Scratch?

There’s no substitute for ensuring your teacher has the right coaching qualifications and you must check this out before you start your first lesson to minimise the risk of you suffering an injury.

There are a number of recognised coaching qualifications which are awarded by various organisations such as teaching certificates from BHS (The British Horse Society).

Again it is of real importance to double check that your riding instructors has the necessary insurance in place and before you have a lesson or coaching.

It is of particular note that if you are a novice rider then the lowest level of qualified instructor should be able to teaching you in a safe manner.  (If you are at a higher level than this then the level of instructor may become more important. )


Are the Equestrian Facilities Ideal for You?

You clearly need to have a look at the Horse Riding School to see whether the facilities are sufficient for your needs. If you are first starting out then it is generally considered the best and safest place to learn is inside a riding arena where the instructor is able to keep you in a safe and controlled environment.

It’s always a good idea to see if you can arrange to see a typical lesson so that you can benefit from observing all aspects of the lesson. For instance, you will want to know:

  • whether the Horses look healthy and well cared for;
  • whether the instructor is in control, is organised and has a style of teaching that appeals to you;
  • whether the centre is well maintained and tidy.


What will it cost to make Your Horse Riding Accident Claim?

We are pleased to be able to offer you a ‘no win no fee’ agreement which means if you lose your Horse Riding Accident Claim, you won’t pay us penny.  We guarantee that if your claim is unsuccessful, you will pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING which means you can have real peace of mind.


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