Horse Riding Accidents – Don’t let it be You!

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Horse Riding Accidents – Don’t let it be You!

Learning to ride a horse can be an exhilarating and exciting experience right from the word go but we also know that Horse Riding Accidents are just a fact of the sport – or are they?

So what can you do to minimise the chances of Horse Riding Accidents and avoid getting hurt altogether?:

Baggy Trousers are a “No No!”

You may have noticed that traditional horse riding clothing is figure hugging and there are good safety reasons for this. Any clothing that is loose fitting or baggy runs the risk of getting caught on the saddle if you do fall off and if the clothing gets caught you are then left with the prospect of being dragged along by the horse which would probably lead to more serious injuries.

Hold on to those Reigns!

The last thing you want to do is to let go of the reigns because once there are no reigns you have no (proper) control of your horse. You might well be tempted to release the reigns and hug the horses neck so you can feel safe again but that may only serve to spook the horse and then there’s only once place you are going! Much better to stay focused by keeping hold of the reigns so that you remain in control but if you are really desperate to hold on, a better alternative would be to grab the horse’s mane!

No Fashion Victim Footwear here!

It’s also very important to wear the appropriate foot wear  when horse riding. You don’t want to fall off the horse only to find that your foot remains caught in the stirrup because of that shiny silver buckle! The only way to go is to embrace mediocrity and settle on footwear that has no bells and whistles and is just “plain Jane”. You may not win any fashion awards but if you do fall off the horse you’ll not want further complications arising from the foot wear you choose to look extra cool!

Keep Listening  to Every Word!

Unless you are Harvey Smith you are probably going to need some help and encouragement from your horse riding instructor and if this is the case you need to carefully listen to all the instructions and stay focused.

Helmets are Compulsory (- no “ifs” or “buts”!)

So the deal is that even if you are simply sitting on the horse or moving terribly slowly you can still hurt yourself if you fall! Make sure (like a seat belt in a car) you wear your helmet every time.

Anymore Information?

If you’d like to find out more about health and safety issues when horse riding here is a link that may well be of interest and we have much more information on our website that again you might find useful.

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