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Claiming for Serious Injury? How Can You Benefit?

There’s no doubt about it, dealing with a serious injury can be stressful even if you don’t factor in the amount of money it may cost you. In this blog post, we look at some of the ways you can benefit by claiming for serious injury – and why it may not be as difficult or time consuming as you first think.

Loss of Earnings

If you have a serious injury, there’s no doubt that at some point in your recovery you are going to have to take a break from work and therefore in some cases incur a substantial loss of earnings.  It’s important to factor this in – if you have suffered a serious injury and can’t work – you will need something to take the place of a regular salary.

Expense of Care

As many of you will know, dealing with the knock-on effects of a serious injury can be an expensive business. Depending on the nature of the serious injury, adjustments to the home, care procedures and daily routine will have to be taken into account – it can be expensive to put the money up front yourself – serious injury solicitors such as Carter & Carter can work on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve.

Sense of Justice

If an accident has occurred and there is no argument as to the fact it was someone else’s fault, there is a sense of justice in gaining some recognition, whether monetarily or not. You may be entitled to serious injury compensation if the course of your life has been dramatically altered as you may not be able to fulfill the dreams and ambitions you held previously. If someone is accountable, it goes without saying that it should be recognised.

Highlighting Poor Procedures

If you have suffered a serious injury it may not be the direct fault of one person, but it may be the fault of a system or set of procedures which lends itself to failure. Anything from outdoor maintenance to workplace health and safety is covered in this category, and although the shortcomings shouldn’t exist in the first place, it’s unlikely to happen again once the issue is highlighted.


It Won’t Happen Again

This follows the previous point in suggesting that by claiming, you are raising awareness of an existing issue which has been problematic for years. It makes an example of poor standards – and although that is little consolation to you – you can safe in the knowledge that you have prevented other people from suffering a serious injury.

So here are five reasons, among many, that are important to consider when you are thinking about whether to claim for a serious injury. Although the process can at first appear daunting and problematic, it is actually far simpler when you have solicitors such as Carter & Carter on your side.

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