How Much Compensation for Your Needlestick Injury Claim?

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How Much Compensation for Your Needlestick Injury Claim?

Before being in a position to look at the quantification of your needlestick injury claim you will first want to make sure that you have ensured you have taken all necessary steps to protect your position evidentially.  It is really important that you contact a solicitor who specialises in this area so that the practical steps you need to take are run through to ensure your chances of success are maximised.

Working on the basis that liability is conceded then there are a range of possible categories of compensation that a court can be invited to award you. The basic heads of compensation for a Needlestick Injury Claim are set out below and it is your solicitors job to make sure these are investigated so that full and proper compensation is received so that any eventual award reflects the nature and full extent of the injury suffered.

  • Pain Suffering and loss of Amenity – Of course the main effects of a needle stick injury are likely to be psychological distress and worry and very often in our experience it is necessary  (subject to the client’s instructions) for us to obtain psychiatric evidence to confirm the adverse effects of the injury upon all aspects of life. It is not unusual for clients to require ongoing professional counselling which thankfully tends to be quite effective in providing coping strategies and helping to deal with the knock on effects of the needle stick claim.  From the client’s point of view it is important that their solicitor takes the time and trouble to explore how much of an effect the needle stick claim has had upon the client’s life so that where necessary formal psychiatric evidence is obtained to support the Needlestick Injury Claim and ensure the right compensation is obtained.
  • Quantifiable Financial Losses – This will include any loss of earnings, costs of counselling, costs of any treatment required if subsequent infections ensue, travelling and incidental costs arising of the needle stick injury. It is also possible (where appropriate) to claim an amount to reflect the time that any relatives or friends have spent looking after you following the accident.

When you get in touch we will be more than happy to run through the likely quantification of your Needlestick Injury Claim in as much details as you require. We believe that these types of claim require a great deal of sensitivity and care  as well as a thorough appraisal of the client’s individual circumstances to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

We will ensure you receive the right compensation which will in our experience run to thousands of pounds where the psychological effects of the needle stick injury become prolonged and long standing. Please note we have lost more information on our website which might help you further in relation to bringing your Needlestick Injury Claim.

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