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Jump Nation Accident Claim

Having recently been to Jump Nation in Manchester I decided to write a blog because whilst the children have fun, I can only describe it as an accident waiting to happen.  Well after looking into it, it turns out that those accidents have happened already and some of them are serious.

Trip Advisor is full of references to accidents which have occurred at Jump Nation and whilst you may sign a Disclaimer form before you or your child uses the facilities, this does not mean they cannot make a claim if they are injured.

Jump Nation Trip Advisor

Reading Trip Advisor it is clear that people do have a great time at Jump Nation but there are also a worrying number who have suffered nasty injuries and more worryingly, witnessed poor health and safety with staff chatting to each other or guests rather than keeping an eye on what is actually going on.

Jump Nation Accident examples from Trip Advisor

Broken Leg – January 2015

Dislocated Hip – September 2014

Neck Injury – October 2014

Loss of Tooth – October 2014

Ankle Injury – October 2014

Ankle and Facial Injury – September 2014

Child Injury – August 2014

Ankle Injury – August 2014

Can you make a Jump Nation Accident Claim?

Whilst you are obliged to sign a disclaimer on arrival, if you or your child are injured you can still make a claim for jump nation accident compensation depending on the circumstances.

Under section 2(1) of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, Jump Nation cannot avoid paying you or your child compensation for any injuries if it is due to their negligence.  Depending on the circumstances of your injury, it can be very straight forward to make a Jump Nation accident claim regardless of the fact you have signed a disclaimer.

Jump Nation Accident Circumstances

What types of things can Jump Nation do wrong which could lead to a Jump Nation Accident Claim? Here are a few examples but this is by no means a detailed list:

  • Failure to give a proper Health & Safety briefing
  • Overcrowding
  • Insufficient padding
  • Poor maintenance
  • Not enough staff supervising
  • Staff not supervising properly
  • Staff failing to deal with boisterous guests
  • Allowing reckless and dangerous behaviour
  • Staff failing to deal with behaviour which could result in an injury to someone else
  • Allowing people to jump onto trampolines which already has someone on it
  • Allowing adults to bounce next to or near young children

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