Metal Hip Replacement Claims

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Metal Hip Replacement Claims

Fears that 1000’s of people in Britain could be affected by Hip Replacement Claims

The metal on metal hip replacement claims were first introduced on the grounds it was anticipated that the metal component would last much longer than other hip implants. It was also believed that the metal on metal device would lead to less dislocations as a consequence of improved stability. However, serious concerns have been raised about the use of metal on metal and in particular the wear of some types of metal which appear to be releasing tiny particles of debris into area around the bloodstream and actually into the bloodstream itself. This type of hip replacement was introduced around 8 years ago and could well result in a flood of Hip Replacement Claims.

What are the Symptoms of “toxic” hip implant?

Symptoms leading to Hip Replacement Claims may include:

  • Loosening of the hip joint,
  • Groin pain,
  • Soft tissue reactions in and around the hip,
  • Local swelling,
  • Numbness or loss of movement,

Clearly there can be a number of different causes to explain why a person with a metal-on-metal hip implant may experience such symptoms and in the first instance a visit to your surgeon will be necessary to help establish  why these symptoms are occurring.  The surgeon should be asked to confirm the type of hip replacement which has been carried out and the patient should be provided with paper work to confirm this together with follow up care as appropriate. Often people will, on some level be relieved, to find out the cause of their ongoing symptoms which they may well have been suffering from for months or even longer.

If there is evidence to suggest that the symptoms may be as a consequence of the metal on metal  hip replacement then it is important to contact a Personal Injury solicitor who will be able to investigate matters and discuss what steps need to be taken for any Hip Replacement Claims.

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