Wheat Allergy Risk – Mo’s Cookie Dough

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Wheat Allergy Risk – Mo’s Cookie Dough

Allergy sufferers will know that Wheat Allergy Risks can materialise everyday and with surprising regularity. The risks of a wheat allergy occurring can to a large extent be managed with care and thought.  However it is a cause of real concern when a manufacturer fails to produce accurate labeling. This labeling  is the lifeline of the allergy sufferer whose safety is completely in the hands of the manufacturer.

What’s Happened?

Mo’s Cookie Dough has announced that there is undeclared wheat in the following products:

Mo’s Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip 300g
Mo’s Cookie Dough Oatmeal and Raisin 300g
Mo’s Cookie Dough Gingerbread 300g

The following items have been withdrawn:

‘Bake your own’ chilled ‘Chocolate Chip’, ‘Oatmeal and Raisin’ and ‘Gingerbread’.

The list of ingredients on the packaging omits to state that these products contain wheat. Therefore any individual who has an wheat allergy or intolerance to wheat or gluten is likely to be at risk.

The Food Allergy Labelling Rules 2014 were brought into force so that Wheat Allergy sufferers could have much more confidence when purchasing food. Clearly these regulations can’t legislate against mistakes of this nature.

In these circumstances it is a matter for the manufacturer concerned to ensure as far as possible that the general public are notified.

Are Consumers Protected?

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 and Sale of Goods Act 1979 protect customers.

What if you have suffered a Wheat Allergy?

If you have suffered an allergic reaction as consequence of this labeling error then you should obtain legal advice in relation to your rights as soon as possible so your position can be protected.

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What Do The Specialists Say?

Christopher Carter from Carter & Carter Solicitors in Stockport commented on the Mo’s Cookie Dough recall:

“If you have a wheat allergy or an intolerance to wheat then this lack of accurate labeling will have exposed you to a wheat allergy risk which may well have had serious consequences. Whist the manufacturer has done the responsible thing be making a recall the fact remains that people may well suffer an unexplained allergic reaction after eating these particular products. If this is the case you should get in touch with Carter & Carter Solicitors as quickly as possible.”

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