Needlestick Injury Claim and Compensation for the Psychological Effects

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Needlestick Injury Claim and Compensation for the Psychological Effects

Studies have shown that with a Needlestick Injury Claim, the incident can lead to long term and substantial psychological illness or depression which can have a far reaching effect upon relationships with loved ones as well as the individual’s ability to attend work.

Needle Stick Injuries are commonly suffered by health care workers but Needle Stick Injuries can be sustained in a variety of places including prisons, schools, public toilets and other public places and over the years we have acted for a whole range of clients with different occupations such as refuse collectors, prison staff, cleaners as well as health care professionals.

It is said that a contaminated needle can transmit as many as 20 different diseases including some potentially very serious infections such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. It is therefore not in the least bit surprising that when client’s come to us for advice in relation to bringing a Needlestick Injury Claim they are often profoundly worried about the prospect of having been infected by the Needle.

The Need for Psychological Help if you have a Needlestick Injury Claim?

  • It is so important that Needlestick Injury victims receive the right help and assistance from the start of their Needlestick Injury Claim so that the psychological issues can be dealt with and managed on an ongoing basis.  Blood tests will be carried out at various stages following the Needle Stick Injury and each time it is common for the victim to feel enhanced apprehension, fear and worry.
  • In many instances it is necessary for the solicitor to instruct a psychiatrist to see the client and comment upon the psychological effects of the injury. This ensures that all the symptoms are detailed and the  right level of compensation is received. Symptoms can include loss of appetite, difficulty in sleeping,  low mood and anxiety.
  • The psychiatrists will often recommend some form of counselling and this is why it is so important for the solicitor to take the trouble to collate the right evidence and ensure that all the costs of the recommended treatment, which are often very significant,  are included within the claim. If it is not then not only will the Client be unable to afford the treatment but also they will not be given the best chance of recovering from the Needle Stick Injury.

Let Us Help You with your Needlestick Injury Claim:

If you have suffered a Needlestick Injury Claim then you need expert advice from a Solicitor who knows how to give you the best chances of success and then to fight your corner for the very best settlement terms. Call us to discuss your Needlestick Injury claim without obligation. If we can help you then it will be on a genuine No Win No Fee basis which means you have no risk at all.

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