NHS satisfaction stabilising after fall

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NHS satisfaction stabilising after fall

The British Social Attitudes Survey has just published its findings in relation to the public’s satisfaction with the NHS and Claims against the NHS.

They polled more than 1,100 people in England, Wales and Scotland in 2012 and satisfaction with the NHS was 61%.   This is an improvement from 2011 when it was 58% but is still below the high of 2010’s 70%.

How did the various professions fare?

The 2012 survey by NatCen Social Research found that:

  • 74% were satisfied with GPs
  • 30% were satisfied with social care
  • 59% were satisfied with A&E units
  • 56% were satisfied with dentists

What do the professionals say?

Patients Association Chief Executive Katherine Murphy said it’s important to:

“look beyond statistics and properly assess patient experience.  People are still contacting our helpline every day to tell us that they or a loved one is receiving the most appalling care in hospital.  These serious issues need to be tackled and the government needs to monitor closely the impact of its reforms.”

What does the NHS say?

In response to the survey’s results, the NHS have said “we are committed to providing the best services possible for patients in England.”

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