Office Accidents – The Dangers lurking in your office and how to avoid them?

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Office Accidents – The Dangers lurking in your office and how to avoid them?

Falling Injuries

Statistics show that falling over is the way most people get injured in the office. This type of injury also tends to be responsible for the most serious of injuries in the office.

Office Accident Claims and their causes?

  • Tripping over loose wires or carpeting or falling over objects left carelessly in hallways and corridors.
  • Falling due to faulty chairs which collapse without warning (we have acted for many clients injured in this way).
  • Slipping on wet floors where no warning sign has been displayed.
  • Falling because of inadequate lighting.

Avoiding  Office Accident Claims

  • Ensure your office has a policy to keep the halls and corridors free of objects.
  • Take care to look where you are walking and make sure your way is clear.
  • Make sure you always close desk drawers and cabinets immediately.
  • Tell your manager about any loose carpeting, electrical leads so that they can be fixed and dealt with straight away.
  • Make sure that all the office furniture is checked regularly so that it is safe and free of any defects.
  • Clean up any spills that you see and even if it wasn’t you who created the spillage.

Lifting Accidents

Lifting even small loads (piles of files, paper, computer equipment) can lead to injury if you approach the task in the wrong way by adopting the wrong technique.

Your back, neck and shoulders are all vulnerable to injury and even before you try to lift anything in the first place you need to be sure it is not too heavy for you.

The Right Training and Lifting Technique

You need adopt safe lifting techniques which you should be aware of before attempting to lift objects – without the proper training you are asking for trouble!


Using a workstation that is not properly adjusted and using a chair that is at the wrong height can, over time, lead to chronic and long term health problems such as musculoskeletal problems, bad posture, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury  – the list is a long one but there are effective ways in which you can protect yourself and minimise the risks.

Tips to improve the Ergonomics

  • Set up your workstation properly with professional help.
  • Ensure your chair is ergonomically designed and correctly adjusted.
  • Take frequent breaks to reduce the risk of repetitive movements which can lead to serious health issues such as RSI


For More Information visit:

Health & Safety Executive : Regulator for health and safety at work : Information on your rights at work


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