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Owen Williams Spinal Injury

Owen Williams, the capped Cardiff Blues rugby union player suffered a spinal injury whilst playing in a rugby union tournament in Singapore in June 2014.  His family immediately flew to Singapore to be with him and he is currently being treated for his spinal injury at the Rookwood Hospital in Cardiff.

His brother, Gavin Williams said:

“He’s overwhelmed like we all are with the support from the rugby community.  It really is giving him the push he needs.  He is in good spirits and staying really positive.  He has been lifted by the good wishes coming in from all over the rugby world.

He’s had messages from David Pocock and Quade Cooper.  Everyone really you can think of in the rugby world has just given him that extra boost that he’s going to need.   Reading the messages with Owen by his bedside it’s overwhelming really, but he needs the support now and it’s great.  The whole of the WRU coaching staff have been there – Rob Howley, Robin McBryde, Shaun Edwards. Everyone’s been in touch.

The worst thing was we wanted to get out there and it’s the worst plane journey you’d ever have to take.  But when we were out there, we were by Owen it made everyone happy. My parents were so desperate to get out there and be by his bedside and when we did get out there we just gave Owen that extra support he needed.  It was distressing, and fair play to the Blues for getting us out there as quickly as possible.  From then up until now Owen’s been brilliant, inspirational really. He’s up and down obviously as anyone would be, but when he’s up he’s very up and he just keeps us going really.

I am proud of him and I’m going to be – it’s going to be a tough time for him, a long road, but he’s the one person who will definitely pull through it.  The support the Cardiff Blues have given us has been incredible really and a special mention to Gavin Cooper the team manager who has been with us and with Owen since day one out in Singapore and he stayed out there longer away from his family.  He’s just gone the extra mile for Owen and he’s bringing him pasties and all sorts.”

A spokesman from his rugby club, the Cardiff Blues, said:

“Owen now has improving function in both of his upper limbs, while being on enforced bed rest.  He will be progressing to sitting up over the coming few weeks.”

What Do The Specialists Say about spinal injuries?

David Healey from Carter & Carter Solicitors in Stockport commented on this spinal injury issue earlier today:

“People who suffer a serious spinal injury could feel bleak about the future as there is a possibility that their lives could be changed forever.  It is crucial that they receive help and support from their family and friends, Headway and spinal injury organisations during the recovery phase.  It’s very important to get a care plan in place as soon as possible so that all needs can be catered for.  We have acted on behalf of people who have had a spinal injury in various walks of life, from window cleaners to horse riders.”

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