Pothole Compensation Claims rise by 250% in 12 months

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Pothole Compensation Claims rise by 250% in 12 months

Suffolk County Council has revealed that in the 2 years from 2011 it has spent £50m on pothole repairs.

What causes potholes?

In time the tarmac breaks down due to wear and tear caused by vehicles which is then exacerbated by the cold weather.  Potholes can go from being cracks in the road to large potholes within a relatively short period of time.  If Councils spent more money fixing the roads than they did on increasing their Executives’ pay perhaps more would get done.  Fewer potholes in our roads and pavements would mean fewer pothole compensation claims.

What have Suffolk County Council said about pothole compensation claims?

Graham Newman is the cabinet member for roads and transport at Suffolk County Council and he said that the findings of the research

“need to be put into context. There are mixed financial streams pouring in to these projects. It is not just potholes getting fixed; it is stretches of roads which may have been earmarked for improvements.  In comparison to the rest of the country we have very good roads.  We have a robust system of prioritising roads which need urgent attention.”

“Some roads don’t get rebuilt for 100 years and just get temporary repairs, but that is not a long-term solution and it is no surprise the compensation claims have gone up, which I think shows roads are worsening.”

“It will continue because there is no long-term funding from the Government or local councils. It is pretty futile. We need good-quality roads and the council should review its spending.”

What has the Government said?

Transport Minister, Robert Goodwill said:

“Councils have been given billons by the Government for road maintenance and filling-in potholes.  We will continue to ensure they manage their budgets more efficiently to make taxpayers’ money go further.”

What do the expert’s say? 

David Healey at Carter & Carter Solicitors said:

“Everyone hears stories about friends and family driving into potholes and their wheels being irreparably damaged.  Wheels are very expensive and should the consumer have to pay if the Council has not repaired the road?  Council members have suggested there is a “compensation culture” which has lead to an increase in the number of people making pothole compensation claims for wheel damage and in some cases injury but wouldn’t they as well?”

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