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Premier League New Rules on Head Injury

The Premier League will unveil new rules governing how a head injury is dealt with if they occur during the game.  These head injuries rules will come into force at the start of the 2014 season.

What is the new head injury rule?

In a nutshell, if a footballer suffers a head injury during the course of the game the player has to leave the pitch so that his own club doctor can assess him and decide whether the player is fit and able to continue.  After a head injury the decision is taken away from the team management and placed squarely on the shoulders of the doctor.  The team which is playing at Home is also required to have a tunnel doctor present on match days in case a second opinion is required.


What has happened in the past about a head injury?

In the 2013-2014 season, Tottenham Hotspur were severely criticised for allowing their goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, to continue after he was knocked unconscious in their game against Everton.

After Hugo Lloris received treatment, the manager at the time, Andre Villas Boas, told him that he had to carry on playing and sent him onto the pitch for the rest of the match.  This decision was called “irresponsible and cavalier attitude” by the Brain Injury Charity, Headway.

What has Headway said?

A spokesperson for Headway, the Brain Injury Charity, Luke Griggs said:

“It’s an important step forward in the protection of footballers at all levels, especially at grass roots.  It’s vitally important that we lose this culture where it’s brave and courageous to play on.  Concussion is an evolving injury with symptoms that may take time to manifest, and if you don’t get it properly assessed, it may be too late.”

What do Football Managers say about head injury?

Kevin Phillips who is the coach for Premier League side Leicester City said:

“I think it’s pretty sensible.  Certainly as a player you want to be back on the football pitch but we’ve seen cases over the years where I think it has to be taken out of the player’s hands.  It may frustrate quite a few managers but the health and safety of the players comes first.”

What Do The Specialists Say?

David Healey from Carter & Carter Solicitors in Stockport commented on this latest earlier today:

“Symptoms from a head injury develop over time if the impact is significant enough.  Whilst a player may want to get back on the pitch, he has no way of knowing if he has any internal bleeding or swelling on the brain which could lead to devastating consequences down the line, all for the sake of playing the remainder of the game.”

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