Prince Harry opens Brain Injury HQ

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Prince Harry opens Brain Injury HQ

Prince Harry today opened the new HQ of a brain injury charity during an official visit to Nottingham.

What is Headway?

Headway is a charity set up to help and support people affected by brain injury.  The people it helps could have suffered a brain injury at birth or have had a trauma such as a road traffic accident or accident at work.

How does Headway help?

It accomplishes this in a variety of ways:

  • The nurse-led Headway helpline provides information, advises on sources of support, and offers a listening ear to those experiencing problems after brain injury
  • We publish a range of booklets containing information about aspects of brain injury that will be helpful to those directly affected, plus professionals, employers and members of the public
  • We promote understanding of brain injury and its effects
  • We lobby for better support and resources to be made available by statutory health and social care providers
  • We campaign for measures that will reduce the number of brain injuries

What did Headway say?

Chairman of Headway, Andrew Green, said of the opening:

“Princess Diana’s support of the charity greatly enhanced its profile and made more people aware not only of brain injury and its effects, but also of the help that was available.”

Prince Harry is not the first Royal to open a centre dealing with issues relating to brain injury, see:

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