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Radio 1 DJ Injured In Horse Riding Accident

The Radio 1 DJ has suffered a fractured collarbone after falling off a horse on Thursday.

Sara Cox said:

“Sorry for radio/twitter silence, i foolishly exited a racehorse at full-pelt on thurs morning&broke my collar bone&generally bashed myself up.  On the upside you have my lovely friend the gorgeous hilarious @gemcairn in for me on the wireless for the week.  I’m now looking for a new less dangerous hobby for the time being #anyoneforfrenchboules? Also thank you to Watford A&E for being amazing.”

How Frequent Are Horse Riding Accidents?

In 2010, the Department for Transport reported 126 horse rider casualties arising from road accidents.  35 riders were seriously injured and there were 3 deaths.

In 2011 there were 225 incidents of accidents involving horses on roads reported to the British Horse Society, these included:

  • 8 rider fatalities
  • 52 serious rider injuries
  • 19 horse fatalities
  • 18 serious horse injuries

What could lead to a horse riding accident?

If a Stables does not accurately risk assess a rider before it teaches them to ride or allows them out tacking on the wrong horse the result can sometimes be catastrophic.  We hear time after time where riders have been injured because of various mistakes such as:

  • Permitting an unqualified instructor to take a lesson
  • Permitting a lesson to go ahead without the instructor attaching a lunge line or lead rope to the horse
  • Failing to properly or suitably supervise the lesson
  • Failing to take proper care for the rider’s safety during the lesson
  • Using a horse which was not a riding school horse

Want To Know More?

If you have been injured because of a fall from a horse within the last 3 years and are unsure whether you can make an equestrian accident claim, you should contact a Specialist Solicitor as soon as possible.