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Ann Summers Baby Blue Butt Plug – Compensation

Our client bought an Ann Summers Baby Blue Butt Plug and anal lubricant from Ann Summers but whilst using the toy, it disappeared inside.  She was unable to retrieve the Ann Summers Baby Blue Butt Plug herself so went to A&E where a nurse tried but was also unable to retrieve it.  After having an x-ray, the doctor decided she needed admitting for surgical removal after attempts to extract it using specialist equipment was unsuccessful.

Our client had to spend a physically and emotionally agonizing night in hospital before emergency surgery could be performed under general anaesthetic.   Before the surgery took place, she had to provide consent for the operation to be done, after being advised that surgery could possibly involve removing part of her bowel in order to retrieve the toy.

After presenting comprehensive evidence to Ann Summers, they have accepted fault and our client will be compensated for this horrendous ordeal, caused by the Ann Summers Baby Blue Butt Plug.

Since acting on behalf of our first client we have now been approached by other clients who have had an unpleasant experience with an Ann Summers Baby Blue Butt Plug.  The Ann Summers Baby Blue Butt Plug has now been re-modelled with a larger base to stop incidents like this occurring.

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