Trampoline Accidents On The Rise

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Trampoline Accidents On The Rise

Believe it or not but more children end up in Hospital after playing at home on a trampoline rather than skateboarding or football.

The problem of trampoline accidents has become so great that the Royal Society For The Prevention Of Accidents (RoSPA) have become involved and are calling for much tighter measures.

New figures indicate that trampoline accidents are responsible for almost 50% of A&E admissions where children under 14 have been injured at home.  As a result, officials at RoSPA are keen to ensure that only 1 child should be allowed on a trampoline at any one time to try and reduce the number of children needing hospital treatment after banging into each other or falling badly.

Figures for Trampoline Injuries

For 15 months, RoSPA compiled data from Hospitals in Oxfordshire to get an idea of just how many people were being injured. Out of all the injuries at home involving sport, 54.9% of girls and 38%of boys were injured as a result of being on a trampoline.

What have RoSPA said?

Errol Taylor of RoSPA who gathers the data said:

“If you have a lot of people on the trampoline and they crash into each other you can get concussions and some nasty fractures. We also know if you have a safety net, parents tend to get complacent about safety and that’s when you get more horseplay and serious incidents.”

“When the adult has bounced and the trampoline is going back up and rising as the little one is coming down it’s as if they’ve just jumped out of a first floor window.”

‘We want people to continue to have fun but in as safe a way as possible. One of the things we are exploring is if we could have a target in the sweet spot of the trampoline which makes it clear you can only really have one person on it. As soon as you have two people you are going to get children crashing into each other or one being thrown off.”

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