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Shop Worker Injured In Sword Attack

A violent armed robbery at a corner shop on Coalshaw Green Road in Chadderton, Oldham has resulted in a shop worker losing a finger after being attacked with a sword.  He was detained in Hospital for 2 nights whilst emergency surgery was carried out and thankfully surgeons have been able to reattach the severed finger.

What the Police have said?

Detective Constable Richard Whiting, of Greater Manchester Police, said:

“This was a violent and reckless robbery carried out by three young men who were out of control.  The injury that one of the men suffered to his finger was horrific, yet it is fortunate that nobody was more seriously hurt, such was the threat that came with these dangerous weapons.  I would appeal to anyone who may have seen the offenders entering or leaving the shop to call us, and we also ask that anyone who may have information about this offence to call us.”

Anyone with information can contact Greater Manchester Police on 0161 856 8825.

Can you apply for Compensation? 

To make a claim for criminal injury compensation, the injured person must answer YES to one of the following:

  1. have you been physically or psychologically injured because of a violent crime which took place within the last 2 years?
  2. has your parent, child, husband, wife or partner died within the last 2 years as a result of a violent crime?
  3. do you have a close relationship with another person who has been the victim of a violent crime?  Were you present when the crime took place, or involved immediately afterwards?  Did your involvement in the incident cause you a psychological injury?  Did the crime take place within the last 2 years?

What Do The Specialists Say?

David Healey from Carter & Carter Solicitors in Stockport commented on this latest incident earlier:

“If someone suffers criminal injury as a result of violence, they may be entitled to compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).   If you have been injured in a violent attack you can claim criminal injury compensation by applying online at justice.gov.

If your injuries are serious it is advisable to speak to an experienced Solicitor so you can be sure you receive the correct level of compensation as the CICA scheme is based on a complicated tariff system.  What at first might not seem like such a bad injury could have long-lasting effects, not just physically but psychologically.”