Slip Trip and Fall Claims Explained

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Slip Trip and Fall Claims Explained

Slip Trip and Fall Claims can occur anywhere from restaurants, cinemas, woods, football pitches, shopping centre, supermarkets to name but a few.

Does the Local Council have a duty to maintain the pavement/road to prevent Slip Trip and Fall Claims?

If the pavement or road where you tripped is maintainable at the public expense, the Local Council have a duty to pay for its upkeep.

What has the Council done wrong?

If you trip on the pavement or road (known as a highway) due to a pothole or raised flagstone for example, we need to show by use of evidence such as photographs that:

  1. The highway was not reasonably safe where the accident occurred; and
  2. The accident was caused by the dangerous condition of the highway

We can allege that the Council were negligent for, amongst other things:

a)      Allowing a dangerous obstacle to be left on the pavement

b)      Failing to give any or any adequate warning of the danger

c)      Failed to erect a barrier around the defect

d)      Failed to carry out any or any adequate risk assessment

e)      Failed to repair the defect

Can the Council refuse to accept blame for Slip Trip and Fall Claims?

Under the Highways Act 1980 the Council have a defence against tripping and slipping claims if:

  1. There was a system of inspection for the place where you fell
  2. The system was reasonable in the circumstances

What would a Court consider if you sued the Council over a Slip Trip and Fall Claim?

  1. the character of the highway
  2. the traffic reasonably expected to use it
  3. the standard maintenance appropriate to such a highway
  4. the state of repair reasonable persons would expect
  5. the knowledge which the highway authority had (or reasonably should have had) of the dangerous condition
  6. the kind of warning notices displayed
  7. the system of inspection for repairing the highway

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