SSE fined £10.5m Financial Mis-Selling Claims

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SSE fined £10.5m Financial Mis-Selling Claims

We reported on 3rd April 2013 that Ofgem (The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) said the proposed record penalty against SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) is the largest it has made against an energy firm.

What’s happened now?

Roughly 11,000 SSE customers have filed Financial Mis-Selling claims after SSE was fined £10.5million by Ofgem for deceiving the public into switching their gas and electricity supply.

SSE’s deputy chief executive, Mr Phillips-Davies’ has stated that the 4,400 claims that have been processed by the company so far have generated average payments of £100 per customer.

If you think you’ve been duped you can contact the SSE claim line on 0800 975 3341 to make Financial Mis-Selling claims.

What did Ofgem find?

  • A failure of SSE’s management arrangements
  • Insufficient attention was paid to ensuring compliance with obligations
  • Misleading statements by sales agents to potential customers about savings
  • Unsubstantiated statements by sales agents to potential customers about savings
  • Failings in the opening lines on the customer’s doorstep
  • Failings in-store or
  • Failings over the phone
  • Failings in the confirmation process which follows a sale
  • A huge number of people are entitled to make Financial Mis-Selling claims

What did SSE say about these Financial Mis-Selling claims?

On its website, SSE said:

“We’ve been busy making lots of practical changes to make it simpler, fairer and easier for you to deal with us.  We’re building a better way to do business, and we believe the changes we are making will improve the energy industry for good.”

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