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Stark Warning to Allergy Sufferers during Coronovirus Lockdown

Allergy Emergencies on the Rise

It seems clear the number of cases of anaphylactic shock have been on the increase over recent times.

Allergy sufferer numbers in both adults as well as children are on the rise.

Hospital admissions have soared by 60% in five years.

The public are now more aware than ever about the tragic consequences of allergic reactions with a number of high profile incidents being  reported in the press.


Is Britain’s Takeaway Culture Placing Allergy Sufferers at Risk?

The popularity of take away food has soared, especially with the closure of restaurants and public spaces during the Coronavirus Lockdown.  It has become easier than ever to get food delivered to our homes through apps like Deliveroo and Just Eat and the incentives to do so have increased with special offers and discounts at many takeaways.


HOWEVER:  The volume of food orders during the coronavirus lockdown has risen. With Just Eat reporting a 36% increase in dessert

orders. Alongside Deliveroo having around 3000 new restaurants joining the service in March of 2020.

Food courier with a bicycle
Image by postcardtrip from Pixabay

We know all too well that mistakes happen, especially when dealing with food. Contamination of allergens is all too common and is potentially life threatening to allergy sufferers.

We come across take away businesses which are failing to comply with the Food Allergy Regulations all the time.

Even where the business is aware of the rules and regulations there is always the risk of human error creeping into the process.

For example, there can be mistakes in general communication either with the customer directly or with colleagues so dietary requirements are not accurately recorded leading to mix ups which can have catastrophic and tragic consequences.

Surveys underline this as a major source of concern suggesting well over half of allergy sufferers. With customers wrongly being reassured that the food ordered was safe for them to eat.

This certainly fits in with our experience when dealing with Allergy Claims.


Tips for Allergy Sufferers during Coronavirus Lockdown

  • Take Away businesses are booming at the moment and the pressure and volume of orders can lead to mistakes.
  • It’s more important than ever to ensure that your instructions are clear and that you are receiving food that is safe for you to eat.
  • Even if the meal you would like to order says on the menu that it is free of allergens this needs to be checked and double checked.
  • If you have any doubt at all about whether your instructions have been understood then do not proceed with your order – you need to be entirely confident that the Take Away knows and understands your particular dietary requirements.
  • When the order arrives be sure to carefully check the packaging to ensure your meal is labelled correctly. Again, any doubts about the order should be clarified before consuming the food.


If you’re in any doubt at all then don’t take any risks by eating the food.