Sunbed Injury Claims rising – but Why?

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Sunbed Injury Claims rising – but Why?

Sunbed Injury Claims – what has the press had to say?

The press in the last few days has reported that the number of claims arising out of sun bed salons has been rising sharply and some of the injuries have been described as “serious”.  There have reportedly been a series of out of court settlements involving  this type of claim across the country and the big question which has to be asked is “why”?

Why are Sunbed Injury Claims still such a problem?

Indications from the experts in the field are that many salons simply don’t give any or any proper warnings about the risk of injury and as a result people are being seriously injured and require urgent medical attention. Unfortunately it would appear that there are sunbed operators who don’t take their obligations seriously leaving unsuspecting members of the public in real danger of serious burns and injury.

What can be done to reduce the risk of Sunbed Injury?

An initial assessment should be carried out by the sunbed operator to ensure that you can use the sun bed in the first place. For instance there are people with sensitive skin which burns readily. Similarly certain people have a preponderance of freckles and/or moles or already have skin that is sun damaged.

  • Even if you are advised that your skin is suitable for sunbed tanning there is then the important issue of how long you should stay on the sunbed for. If the wrong advice is given in this respect then clearly there is every chance you could be leaving yourself open to over exposure from the tanning equipment.


  • Even the best run sunbed salons cannot keep the risks of harm down to zero so it is important that all relevant safety considerations  are carefully assessed before taking the plunge and using a sunbed tanning shop.


It’s a sad fact that the most serious adverse effects of sunbeds can lead to cancer and in particular melanoma and many sunbed users don’t always appreciate the real risks of injury involved. If you are interested in discovering more about Sunbed Injury Claims then we have more information for you which we hope will help.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Make A Sunbed Claim?

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