Sunny Stockport is one of the top places to live!

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Sunny Stockport is one of the top places to live!

I was very pleased (and more than a little surprised) to learn that in a recent survey conducted by Right Move (the property website) that Stockport has come 2nd in a survey  of  the happiest places to live in Greater Manchester. No actually I kid you – the survey was actually for the whole, entire UK! So out of all the amazing and wonderful places in the UK we came 2nd! How an earth did that happen?!

Well I’ll let Rightmove explain:

“Rightmove quizzed people on twelve separate measures about the place they live, covering their home (investment, well-being, pride and costs) their community (safety, amenities, recreation and neighbourliness) and their property (décor, space, contentment and value)”

Well that explains everything doesn’t it?

Us northerners always seem to be the but of southerners’ jokes about it being really “grim up north” but actually the results of this Rightmove survey have  actually found that Northerners are happier about where they live than southerners, with nine of the ten ‘unhappiest’ locations in Greater London! It would be easy to be sitting here smug about these findings and I definitely won’t be making any southerner softie jokes here.

If there’s one thing I do know after living in sunny Stockport for most of my years the weather might well be grim but the people are friendly, funny and warm! Maybe that’s what Rightmove were trying to tell us

Written by Chris Carter (the love-to be-in Stockport solicitor!)