Breathing Life into Your Turned Down Injury Claim

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Breathing Life into Your Turned Down Injury Claim


Your Turned Down Injury Claim could be a Winner!

Is your rejected injury claim really destined to fail?

It’s true that many rejected injury claims have no realistic prospects and are turned down for good reason.

However, we know there’s a really good proportion of turned down claims that will succeed. 🙂

There are lots of reasons why a solictor will conclude that a claim needs to be rejected including:

🙁 Unhelpful evidence that has come to light which undermines the claim

🙁 Insufficient evidence to support the claim

🙁 Medical evidence which doesn’t substantiate the accident caused the ongoing symptoms.

There are a whole range of reasons for a claim to be rejected which can be good, bad and indifferent!


Why You Deserve a Second Opinion?


Your Rejected Injury Claim – What’s Gone Wrong?

Why are some claims turned down incorrectly? :

  1. This can be down to a lack of experience, a failure to run the file properly or a misunderstanding of the relelvant issues.
  2. We often find problems occur with the larger firms when the claim is passed from one claims handler to the next without explanation or analysis.
  3. There are not only long periods of inactivity but also a failure to grasp the central arguments.
  4. There may be a commercial justification for rejecting the claim.


How We can Help You with Your Rejected Injury Claim?

If you are not happy with your solicitor’s final assessment of the situation then you have come to the right place.

  • We have all the experience to be able to review your claim and provide you with a second opinion in relation to liability or quantum.
  • It may be that we will agree with your current solicitor’s approach but it is most surprising how frequently we have looked at a file and found that the claim has prospects of success.
  • We have accepted hundreds of claims which had been rejected and we have gone on to win these for our clients.

Mr Bailey was one such client who had initially instructed a National Personal Injury Firm to handle his claim. After assessing matters we were able to agree to accept his rejected claim and went on to obtain £24,999 compensation! 


Take a Breath of Fresh Air?

  • If we accept your rejected injury claim then you should have no fear about us progressing things for you.
  • We will of course keep you updated and fully informed about where we are up to.
  • We pride ourselves in delivering the very best service and we invite you to look here at our impressive google reviews.
  • Please remember that very often there are important time limits that must be complied with.
  • So not delay in seeking another opinion as other wise it could be too late!



Contact us today

There are lots of ways to contact to us about your rejected injury claim.

So you can fill in our online contact form, or if you would prefer to email us, you can on [email protected] .

Or you can talk to us on 01663 761890 and our friendly team will be happy to help.


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