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Welsh tanning salon owner fined

The owner of the Malibu Sun salon in Wales where customers can use electric sunbeds has been fined for breaching a relatively new law.

What is the law?

The Sunbed (Regulation) Act 2012 (Wales) which came into force in Wales in October 2011. It is an offence to allow customers under 18 to use a sunbed.

What did the owner do wrong?

David Kirkham, the owner, was fined £3,700 after pleading guilty for failing to ensure:

    • Staff were sufficiently trained
    • Staff were sufficiently experienced
    • Staff had sufficient knowledge
    • A poster with health information was displayed prominently
    • Protective eyewear was available to clients

What did the Prosecution say?

The Prosecution said:

“customers were able to walk in and use the sunbeds without any consultation or advice, and that the beds were not cleaned or cooled properly between uses.”

Has anyone in England been prosecuted?

In January 2013, Stewart Hall, the owner of the Olympic Power Mill gym in Bury was fined £2,000 when a 15-year-old girl used a sunbed in his Premises and suffered severe burns.  She was not asked for proof of age or given protective eyewear.  The girl used the sunbed on 2 consecutive days which caused severe burns, hospitalisation and three weeks off school.

The Sunbed Association

The Chairman of the Sunbed Association, Gary Lipman said:

“Whilst there are some additional requirements for tanning salons in Wales over and above the legal requirements in England, all business owners have a responsibility to ensure they are aware of their legal requirements, particularly with regard to consumer safety.”

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