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  1. Breathing Life into Your Turned Down Injury Claim

    Has Your Solicitor just told you that they can’t proceed with your injury claim? Why it’s important you act now to see if your claim can succeed after all….

  2. Claiming Personal Injury? – Will I have to go to Court?

    A lot of people are concerned that if they start a legal action it the will mean they will end up in court.  The thought of this may cause anxiety and be a real concern.  Solicitors, barristers doctors and experts generally have no such worries about appearing in court because it is second nature to […]

  3. Court of Protection openness needed

    Someone who lacks mental capacity means a person who by reason of mental disorder is incapable of managing and administering his property and affairs…

  4. Small Claims Limit Rises to £10,000

    If someone owes you up to £10,000 you will not be able to recover ANY of your legal fees from them after recent changes to the law…

  5. “Secondary Victims” Seeking Compensation

    A secondary victim is someone who has suffered psychological injury as a result of the injury or fear of injury to a primary victim such as a family member… Can they claim compensation even though they suffered no physical injury?

  6. Consumer Insurance Act 2012

    When you are off work due to illness, you need to know that the critical illness insurance policy you have taken out will actually pay out… Will this new Law help?

  7. NHS satisfaction stabilising after fall

    A 2012 poll of more than 1,100 people in England, Wales and Scotland showed satisfaction with the NHS was 61%. This is an improvement from 2011 when it was 58% but is still below the high of 2010’s 70%…

  8. Andrew Mitchell Sues Sun Newspaper

    Andrew Mitchell, the former Cabinet Minister at the centre of what has become known as “Plebgate” has issued Court Proceedings against the Sun Newspaper for libel. If he wins, how much compensation should he receive??

  9. Sunny Stockport is one of the top places to live!

    I was very pleased (and more than a little surprised) to learn that in a recent survey conducted by Right Move (the property website) that Stockport has come 2nd in a survey  of  the happiest places to live in Greater Manchester. No actually I kid you – the survey was actually for the whole, entire […]

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