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  1. Asda Little Dish Pasta Bolognese Recall

    100% of our Asda Little Dish Pasta Bolognese Claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you do not have to worry about any financial risk at all as if your Asda Little Dish Pasta Bolognese Claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything.

  2. Lidl Recalls Gravy Granules

    Lidl gravy granules have been recalled due to causing illness – have you been affected? Call now on 01663 761 892

  3. E Cigarette Injury Claims

    Have you been burnt after your e cigarette exploded? If you have you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. If you have been injured in this way it’s important that you take the right steps to give yourself the best chance of succeeding with your E Cigarette Injury Claim.

  4. What Claims Management Companies won’t tell you?

    Why is it that people are still asking Claims Management Companies to handle their personal injury claims when there are so many good reasons why it would be better for them to instruct a solicitor directly? Please look at this guide before making a decision about who to appoint so that you can be one of the lucky ones who chooses to instruct your solicitor directly.

  5. Wheat Allergy Risk – Mo’s Cookie Dough

    Allergy Sufferers be vigilant! Labeling mistakes can be a real nightmare for allergy sufferers who are vulnerable and at risk. If you have suffered an allergic reaction through no fault of your own then we are here to help.

  6. Faulty Tumble Dryers – Fire Risk Warning Issued

    Has your Indesit Hotpoint or Creda drier caught fire? Or have you got a faulty drier that could put you and your family at risk? If so this guide will help you.

  7. Allergy Compensation Claims

    Allergy symptoms generally develop at an early age and are found in babies and children, but anyone, at any age and at any time, can develop allergic reactions. It’s even possible for you to develop an allergy to foods you have eaten for years with no problems.

  8. Horse Riding Accidents – Always Play Safe!

    Everyone knows how much fun it can be riding a horse but horse riding accidents happen all the time and some riders suffer terrible consequences when choosing not to wear a helmet. Why do some riders not follow accepted advice to wear a helmet and what are the risks if they are inclined to ignore the standard safety advice?

  9. Sunbed Injury Claims rising – but Why?

    There has been a recent rise in the number of people bringing claims following burns they have received whilst at tanning salons. What is the cause of theses injuries and what can be done to make tanning salons safer?

  10. Horse Riding Accidents – Don’t let it be You!

    We all know horse riding can be a very risky business and the statistics confirm horse riding accidents are all too common. So are there ways you can avoid horse riding accidents and keep yourself safe? And if so – what are they?

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