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100% of our abuse compensation claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you do not have to worry about any financial risk at all as if your abuse compensation claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything.

We appreciate that many victims of sexual & physical abuse just want to see justice done and that no amount of compensation will repair the damage which was done by the abuser.   The amount of abuse compensation which is awarded varies from case to case and depends on various things such as:


  • How severe the abuse was
  • Whether there were any physical injuries then or now
  • Whether there is any physical and/or psychological scarring
  • How long the abuse went on for
  • The length of time during which the effects of the abuse were undiagnosed, untreated, unrecognised or denied
  • The victim’s ability to cope with life and work
  • The effect on the victim’s relationships with family, friends and those with whom he or she comes into contact
  • The extent to which treatment would be successful
  • Future vulnerability
  • Prognosis for any recovery
  • Whether medical help has been sought
  • Whether there was any false imprisonment


Our Abuse Compensation Lawyers can advise you on the amount of abuse compensation you could receive when you have discussed everything with them.  Rest assured that we will seek the maximum amount of abuse compensation possible.

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