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Animals can be involved in accidents in a variety of circumstances many of which will enable a successful claim to be made against the owner who has a duty of care to take proper steps to prevent injury.

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Some examples of animal attack compensation cases involving injuries caused by animals include:

  • Livestock such as horses, sheep, cattle straying from fields into the path of pedestrians or motorists;
  • Horse riding accidents where the claim may be based on a failure of the riding school to properly supervise or instruct;
  • Dog bite injuries which we discuss in more detail on a separate page;

Proving the Animal Accident Attack To Win Compensation?

  • As always it is important to get details of the names and addresses of any witnesses if you wish to pursue an animal accident claim.
  • Your injuries will need to be treated by a Doctor and the history of the animal accident given clearly to the Doctor.
  • It’s also sensible to report the animal accident to the Police and it may well be that there are  other accidents which have actually been caused by the same animal. Any previous problems or accidents involving the same animal will greatly assist in proving the case.
  • Enquiries may need to be made with neighbours to establish if in fact there has been a history of animal accidents occuring in the same way.

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Animal accident compensation claims are inherently tricky but over the years we have amassed experience of handling these animal accident compensation claims which often other solicitors have refused to take on. We would be pleased to be able to help, free of charge with your animal accident compensation claim.