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Did You suffer an Injury after a Chemical Peel?  (We can help…..)

We specialise in Chemical Peel Compensation Claims so if you’ve had a chemical peel and it has gone wrong, we can help.

A chemical peel is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments offered in clinics and medical centres. It works by using chemicals to remove the top layer of skin cells, revealing new healthy tissue underneath.

Chemical peels are often used for conditions such as acne scars or sun damage but can also be carried out on its own just to improve the appearance of your skin.

The clinics say the procedure will leave you feeling fresh faced with softer smoother looking skin – even if it doesn’t make any difference to what’s going on under there!

But sometimes a facial peel might not go according to plan leaving you wondering whether to make a claim for personal injury.

What Can Go Wrong with Chemical Peels?

But what if something goes wrong with your peel treatment?

Like an allergic reaction or infection – then you could be left with permanent scarring or disfigurement which might have a lasting and detrimental impact on your life. It’s clear to see in these circumstances why a claim for compensation needs to be seriously considered.

So if you’ve been injured it’s so important to get the right medical help as soon as possible.

The side effects a patient may suffer include during the process might be:

  • Permanent damage to the skin;
  • Facial scarring;
  • Hyper pigmentation;
  • Discoloration of the skin;
  • Severe blistering;
  • Burning and reddening of the skin;
  • Adverse psychological reaction to the personal injury.


If you have experienced any side effects with your beauty chemical peel please contact our team and we’ll be pleased to give you specialist professional help about Chemical Peel Compensation from your clinic.

We’ll talk through how you were injured and how much injury compensation you might be able to claim back from them as well as any other legal remedies available under law.

If after discussing matters you would like to make a claim then we can look to start your claim using our No Win No Fee service.

Chemical Peel Compensation Claims – What should I do if my skin is burnt?

If your skin has been exposed to the chemicals for long periods of time or at high concentrations, the film of dead cells that protects and covers the outer surface may be stripped away.

This will cause irritation because without this protective barrier, your face is vulnerable to damage from sunlight, wind or other environmental factors.

It’s important not to let this happen as unprotected skin will begin producing new layers of dead tissue which are often thickened in an attempt to protect itself from the chemicals.

Get the Help you need after a Chemical Peel Injury and on a No Win No Fee Basis 🙂

  • Carter and Carter Solicitors offer legal advice on all aspects of beauty treatment injuries, including pursuing injury compensation claims against salons for cosmetic chemical peels that have gone wrong.
  • It maybe the therapist has not properly advised you on the potential risks before carrying out the treatment of they simply failed to follow the correct procedure.
  • Whatever the position we can advise you on how best to proceed if you wish to pursue chemical peel claims compensation for any negligence which has led to you suffering pain, loss of earnings and other losses as a result of your injuries.
  • Why don’t you think about starting your Injury Compensation Claim today?
  • We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) so you can have complete trust and confidence we will act in your best interests as our client.
  • Get free advice and make a claim on a No Win No Fee basis so that we can recover compensation for the injuries caused.


What Action to take If You have Suffered Skin Damage?

If you have suffered a chemical peel claim gone wrong, it can be scary and overwhelming.

What should you do?

How can you protect yourself against the company that did this to you?

Consider taking these steps when the cosmetic procedure has gone wrong:

  • Report the skin damage to the defendant company immediately both orally and in writing (this is really important as we know that on occasions the defendant will deny that they even treated you!)
  • Contact the product manufacturer of the chemical peel for additional instructions on how to handle the situation.
  • File an injury report with your doctor and obtain any treatment you need to facilitate your recovery. Find out the extent to which the treatment has damaged the medium and deep layers of your skin.
  • Take a series of photographs of the injury.
  • Take detailed notes on the events from the start and ensure that you keep a diary of symptoms as well as photographs dealing with their onset and progression.
  • Keep all of your receipts, pamphlets, cosmetic brochures and care information for the chemical peel.
  • keep your receipt for the treatment to prove where and when the chemical peel was carried out.

Get in touch so we can decide whether your beautician was negligent and you can start your claim for compensation.

What about the Disclaimer I signed?

You may have been told that you are not able to claim for compensation on the grounds you had signed a disclaimer.

  • Beauty clinics, spas and salons have a legal duty to ensure their cosmetic practices are safe and you are not harmed.
  • This means that even if you signed a disclaimer and you are subsequently harmed the defendant is not necessarily able to rely on the disclaimer to prevent you from claiming compensation. (Although it won’t stop defendant insurers seeking to argue this to try to defeat your claim!)
  • Much depends upon exactly what has gone wrong and whether the resulting symptoms are a known risk which has been properly explained, as opposed to a negligent act giving rise to the harm caused.

If you talk to us about your claim we will be only too pleased to discuss your personal circumstances.

How much is my Chemical Peel Injury Worth?

Chemical peel compensatrion claims can range from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds depending on the severity of injury and its impact on your life.

The type of chemical peel that caused your injuries is often going to determine the extent of the damage and from there how much compensation you are entitled to receive.

For example, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you if you were injured with a phenol-based chemical peel or TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel which can cause severe damage and scarring for years after the initial accident.

It is important to find out exactly what chemicals were applied by obtaining all your case notes so we can uncover the reasons for the injuries and what happened in order to recover the right compensation for you.

The specialist personal injury solicitors at Carter and Carter Solicitors have a considerable amount of experience dealing with claims against beauticians.

There is no doubt the extent of the compensation recoverable can vary significantly from one client to the next. Much depends on the nature and extent of the beauticians negligence, and the extent of the injury.

In order for us to assess your situation please call our legal team so you can start your injury claim today.

If you leave us a message about making a claim we will call you back right away.

How Chemical Peel Injuries are Caused?

It can be just down to the negligence on behalf of the beauty salon or beauty practitioner undertaking the skin peel treatment.

The Salon staff may not have carried out their duty with respect to a patch test, chemicals applied to the skin might have been too strong. The beauticians may have lacked specialist training or expertise or may have provided improper advice leading to severe side effects and giving rise to negligence claims.

  • One of the most common cause of skin peel claims is that the salon or treatment provider failed to do a patch test before administering service. The failure to administer a patch test beforehand can cause further irritation and possible scarring giving rise to an injury claim. If this isn’t completed before treatment begins, it’s possible that your skin will react badly to some ingredients in the peel solution or even just the peeling procedure itself – sometimes people don’t realise they have sensitive skin until after their first treatment!
  • Another major cause of skin peel injury is when the chemical peel has been too strong for your skin type and can be caused by either not diluting it enough, or failing to perform a comprehensive analysis on you beforehand which would have shown this.
  • A lack of training expertise from staff at beauty salons also means they may administer treatments without knowing how often they should use them – so if someone wants their first ever facial but doesn’t want one every week then there could be an issue with overuse as well.
  • Finally, incorrect cosmetic advice given about skin peel after care and the recovery process and what products to use following the treatment can be a huge factor that has a detrimental effect upon your skin and the results.


This type of procedure will generally involve applying an acid product that works at breaking down dead cells in the top layer of your skin – it’s typically quite painful, so make sure you’ve spoken with someone who knows what they’re doing before going ahead.

Glycolic acid is one such ingredient which should not be given out without real care and consideration. This chemical needs to be used at the right strength and account needs to be taken in terms of the client’s age, skin type and it’s overall condition. If you get this wrong , then you’re at an increased risk of chemical burns penetrating to the medium and deep layers of your skin.

There are other considerations which should always be born in mind from the outset, such as attending a professional course and gaining any necessary qualifications to safely treat you as a client.

Get in touch with us for free so we can discuss making a claim in relation to your facial injuries such as burns or scarring which can often follow chemical peel beauty treatment that has gone wrong.

Decision Time:  Should I make an Injury Claim for Chemical Peel Burns? 

Chemical Peel Injury Claims are different than claims for more general injuries – you need to meet certain criteria to  succeed with your personal injury compensation claim.   

The most important criterion is whether the injury was caused by a medical specialist or not, and if so, whether they were negligent in what they did.

You might be able to make a negligence claim depending on:

  • How deep your (facial) skin has been damaged.
  • How many layers of skin have been affected and the extent of any residual scarring.
  • Whether the chemicals got into your bloodstream or not during the process.


Essentially you will need to provide evidence that the beauty therapist was negligent in their treatment, and that this negligence caused your personal injury.

If you don’t meet certain criteria then it’s still worth checking with a medical negligence solicitor who specialises in chemical peel compensation claims.

How do I start My Chemical Peel Compensation Claim? (Don’t Stress) 

  • There’s no better way that just calling your injury lawyers for a free initial consultation.
  • Ping us an e-mail and request a call back from our team if this is easier for you.
  • If you contact us we’ll ask you about the circumstances and work out if there is sufficient evidence to enable us to make a chemical peels claim and on a no win no fee basis.
  • If you have suffered a physical or psychological reaction from a chemical peel and are looking for lawyers who take pride in looking after each and every one of their clients contact us and we’ll guide you through the whole compensation claims process.


Start Your Chemical Peel Compensation Claim Today

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