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About Eyebrow Threading Compensation Claims

Eyebrow Threading is an ancient hair removal technique to shape eyebrows.

In theory Eyebrow Threading is a less invasive technique to Eyebrow waxing which can remove layers of skin and may also more easily cause an allergic reaction as a consequence of the chemicals in the wax. It is for this reason that some people choose to try Eyebrow Threading as a gentler and less painful alternative.

However as always there is the potential to cause harm and sometimes serious injury when working in and around the delicate and soft tissue in and around the eyes.

What Can Go Wrong?

It is so important the Eyebrow Threading tequnique is carried out carefully and competently by a formally trained beautician so that the chances of things going wrong do not lead to injury. But what can go wrong?:

  • Cuts and abrasions to the Eyebrow caused by a poor technique and/or a lack of care;
  • Redness, inflammation and swelling;
  • Infections may ensue due to using non-sterilised equipment;
  • Allergic reactions can occur from the substances used in the process.

Any Eyebrow injury is of course not only painful but can also be most distressing and very embarrassing as the injury is there for everyone to see.

Are You Wanting to Take Action Here?

If you have been injured and would like to bring an Eyebrow Threading Compensation Claim then it’s important that you protect your position by taking certain steps (not exhaustive):

  • Visit your GP straight away so that you can receive any treatment and advice which is required to help you with your recovery and also so that a proper and accurate record is entered into your medical records dealing with the nature and extent of the injuries;
  • Ensure that the Manager of the Beauty salon is aware of the situation and your concerns and formally enter your injury in the accident book and if possible obtain the Salaon’s professional indemnity insurer’s details;
  • Photographic evidence is very important in this context and you will need to take an ongoing number of photographs so that you have a record of the progression of your injury over time;
  • Visit another Independent Beuaty Salon while the injury is still visible so that they can provide a professional opinion and if necessary (later down the line) a report in relation to the injury and the likely reason(s) that things have gone wrong.
  • Contact a Solicitor specialising in Eyebrow Threading Compensation Claims quickly so that You can obtain the Best Expert advice as to how you should proceed and what practical steps you need to take to give you the best chance of succeeding with your Eyebrow Threading Compensation Claim.

What will it cost to make an Eyebrow Threading Compensation Claim?

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We are pleased to be able to offer you a ‘no win no fee’ agreement which means if you lose your beauty treatment claim, you won’t pay us penny.  We guarantee that if your claim is unsuccessful, you will pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

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